8 Top Things to Shop for When in Kashmir

Kashmir is known for not just its bountiful scenic nature, filled with majestic snowcapped mountains, reflecting in the clear blues lakes, surrounded by lush greenery. It is equally famous for offering an enriching and exciting shopping experience to its visitors.

What are the best things to shop for in Kashmir, and from where? Well, read on the learn more about shopping in Kashmir.

Kashmiri carpets


Kashmiri hand-woven carpets are also known as Nanda. These carpets are world-famous as they are handcrafted and never tufted and carry a Persian influence. You will fall in love with those intricate patterns in the carpets that are made of wool and silk. Only subtle colors and shades of threads are used to make the carpets, and the costs depend on the quality, color, design, knots, and size of the carpet.

Wood carved products

Kashmir is also well known for the best wood carvings that are used to adorn furniture, dining tables, chairs, desk, and more. As walnut wood is found abundantly in

Kashmir, it is the most used wood by the local artisans for carving. You can shop for a variety of objects such as cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, frames apart from furniture. The wax polishing on the carved piece of wood adds a lustrous sheen that remains much in demand among the customers.

Kashmiri shawls


Kashmiri shawls are another of the most famous Kashmiri products that one should invest in. These shawls are made of wool, pashmina, and shahtoosh, and one cannot compare the prices of the three fibers. Embroidered woolen shawls are in high demand all across the world. Pashmina shawls can be expensive and are loved for their lightweight, warmth, and softness. Shahtoosh shawls have become legendary as they can pass through a ring. The price of the shawls depends on the kind of shawls fibers and the quality of the embroidery.

Saffron, spices, and dry fruits

Although Saffron is grown all over the world, people on vacation to Kashmir take back some saffron as it is very valuable and of high quality. Kashmiri Saffron is seen as one of the costliest spices found in the world and is considered to be the finest one. Other local spices such as shah Zira, some exotic herbs, Kashmiri red chili powder, black cumin are much sought after because of their rich flavors that can produce some mouth-watering cuisine. Last but not least, Kashmir has a variety of dry fruits to offer, such as almonds, walnuts, dried blackberries, dried apricots, and more. These are very popular among consumers because of their superior quality and taste.

Traditional jewelry


You will come across many shops selling fine pieces of Kashmiri jewelry that look traditional and are stunning in appearance. Precious and semi-precious stones are sued to enhance the beauty of each piece of jewelry, such as Tika, Balu, Nupura, Chaunk Phool, Kundals, and Kada. It is a must o take back some of the silver jewelry pieces when you go back.

Papier Mache items

Papier Mache craft is practiced all over Kashmir and is immensely popular among the locals and visitors. This is a delicate decorative art that is mastered by the craftsman over the years. The gold color is used on most Papier Mache items to highlight the colorful designs, and it is hard to ignore the unmistakable luster of the pure gold leaf, which is hard to miss. Varnish is applied to the finished product to add gloss and smoothness. One can shop for cups, plaques, panels, tableware, bangles, screens, and cabinets made in Papier Mache.



Kashmiri coppersmiths have indeed mastered the art of making copperware. It is only in Kashmir where you will find some of the most intricate and traditional designs in copperware and made solely with the use of a hammer and chisels. Certainly, you get the best value for money when you buy one of that Kashmiri Copperware. The weight of the vessel and the kind of work done by the craftsman decide the final price of the copper work. Kashmiri copper kettle is sure to impress your guests, and water stored in a copper vessel is beneficial for one’s health.

Noon Chai Leaves


Noon Chai is another famous Kashmiri product and is an essential part of Kashmiri culture. The beverage is traditionally prepared from special tea Noon leaves in a Samovar, and milk and salt are further added. The tea gets the pink color because of the pinch of baking soda added to it, and it is common to add a dollop of butter to the Noon Chai in winters. This tea is also known to provide several health benefits such as control diabetes, heart disease, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure, and fight depression.

When you log on to to book some exciting tours to Kashmir and explore its scenic locations, take out some time to learn about its colorful bustling shopping centers loaded with unique handicrafts, silks, dry fruits, spices, carpets, and more. So, when in Kashmir, do not forget to shop for some souvenirs that remind you of its heavenly beauty and unique culture.

Some other items that one can shop for while in Kashmir include Willow baskets, Ferin, which is a long garment worn by Kashmiris, Kashmiri apples, and local bread like Kulchas, Girdas, and Lavasa. The shops and marketplace showcase the art and spirit of Kashmiri craftsmen who create unique and enchanting designs and items that are only to be found here.

One can shop for the above Kashmiri products and items at any of the popular shopping places in Kashmir. Just make sure to shop for only authentic products that can be bought from Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, Wave Mall, Hari Market, City Square Mall, Bahu Plaza, and Raghunath Bazaar. Some other exclusive markets in Kashmir Valley include Badshah Chowk, Lal Chowk, Kokar Bazaar, and Maharaja Bazaar. Old City is famous for copper utensils, and it is common for Kashmiri brides to shop for samovars and washbasins from here for their trousseau.

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