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Sarah Fowlkes Bio and Net Worth 2023

Sarah (Madden) Fowlkes has an unflattering reputation as a teacher who had an affair with her student. She was arrested in 2017 under the charges of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student at the school in Lockhart, Texas, where she worked as a teacher. She became known to the public after the scandal, previously living as an anonymous figure.


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Born as Sarah Madden and later on, taking the surname Fowlkes after she got married, Fowlkes was born on March 20th, 1990. She lives with her husband in New Braunfels, Texas. She worked as a teacher at Lockhart High School, located in Lockhart Texas. Sarah Fowlkes was born in Dripping Springs, Texas, from where her husband comes as well.

Her home in New Braunfels is approximately a 40-minute drive away from where she worked before being arrested for inappropriate sexual behavior. At the time when Sarah started an affair with one of her 17-year-old students, she has been married for four years. Only a day before she was arrested, on March 20th, 2017, Sarah Fowlkes was celebrating her 27th birthday with her husband at a restaurant.

After she got married in 2013, Sarah and her husband moved to New Braunfels, Texas. She found a job as a teacher at Lockhart High School in Lockhart Texas, where she started her career as a professor in 2014. She taught there for three years before getting fired and arrested due to her illicit behavior towards a mino9r student. She taught Environmental systems, Anatomy and Physiology as a teacher. Previously, she worked at an elementary school, called Plum Creek Elementary. There, Sarah taught Science and Social studies to third grade and fifth grade.

Her smiling face mugshot became gruesomely famous as Fowlkes had a wide smile upon her arrestment. According to the Lockhart Police Department, Fowlkes was charged for a second-degree felony sex crime for inappropriate sexual behavior between a student and an educator. She turned herself in after her 27th birthday after a warrant has been issued for her arrest. She had been married at the time.


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Sarah was born in 1990, in Dripping Springs, Texas. She graduated St. Edwards University at Austin, Texas, with a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Biology. Under the Utech program, Fowlkes started her teaching certification at the University of Texas in Austin. She completed her certificate in teaching with the Texas State Teachers Association Alternative. Her certification allowed her to teach Science to early childhood grades to 6th grade in Generalist knowledge, also completing a certificate for teaching Science from 7th to 12th graders.

She worked at the Plum Creek Elementary before she got a position as a teacher at Lockhart High School where she became known for her sex crimes. The police department stated that a school administrator from Lockhart High School sent a report on March 10th, 2017, on suspicions that there is a case of inappropriate behavior between a teacher and a student, after which the police reacted.

The investigation led by a local detective, brought the police to a 17-year-old student, proving that there was a sexual connection between Fowlkes and her student. The two have been in contact via messages and personally. The discovered messages contained sexual content. Many people were surprised, and even amused, by the smiling mugshot that shows Sarah Fowlkes smiling during her official arrest.

Fowlkes’ lawyer claims that the smiling mugshot was there to show that Sarah was innocent. Despite the claims of Sarah Fowlkes’ lawyer, Fowlkes pleaded guilty for sex charges during her trial. The age of consent in Texas is 17, while the student with whom Sarah shared a sexual connection was 17. However, it is illegal for an educator to have a relationship with their students, which is why Sarah was faced with 20 years in prison as a maximum possible sentence for her sex crimes.

Net worth

Records on Sarah Fowlkes’ net worth are not made public. She lived off her teacher’s salary before she was fired from Lockhart High School and arrested under the charges of having sex with one of her minor students.


Sarah lived in a house in New Braunfels, Texas, before she lost her job and ended up in jail where she waited for her trial. She pleaded guilty on sex charges against her, hoping to get a plea and lower her sentence.


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Sarah Fowlkes got married in 2013 as Sarah Madden. She met her husband in their mutual home town, Dripping Springs, Texas. They were dating for several years before they got married. Sarah was married at the time when she started an affair with a minor student who was only 17 years old. The day before she got arrested, Sarah was having a birthday dinner with her husband, posting a picture of them being together at a restaurant for her birthday celebration. Sarah is still married to her husband. Whether or not any of them have filed for a divorce is not known to the public.


After getting arrested, Sarah’s lawyer claimed she was innocent, stating that her innocence was the reason behind her smiling mugshot that many parents found disturbing. Despite Fowlkes’ lawyer’s claims, Sarah pleaded guilty, filing a plea to the court that is due to lower her sentence. In case the plea would be accepted, Fowlkes would be sentenced for four years deferred adjudication, in addition to paying a high fine to the court and renouncing her teaching certification.

Lockhart High School had already notified the Teachers Association on Fowlkes’ affair upon her arrestment. The school officials claim that Fowlkes won’t be teaching in their school district. Lockhart High School, later on, went to assure parents that the school doesn’t approve or encourage inappropriate behavior displayed by Sarah. If Fowlkes’ plea is accepted by the judge, her offense would be erased from her record after her sentence has expired. If Fowlkes was convicted for initial sexual charges, she would have gotten up to 20 years in prison. By accepting the plea, Sarah Fowlkes is sentenced to four years of probation, while she won’t be recorded as a sex offender.

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