Comprehensive Review of the Trading Platforms: Is It Worth It?

You need a platform to trade. The market is full of different types of trading platforms, but it is not worth investing in all of them. Some of them are good and legitimate while others work for a year or two and then disappear with your money. As they are online platforms and have no physical existence, their capture is very difficult and almost impossible. Therefore, the first step, which is to select a trading platform, must be done very carefully and wisely to save yourself from scams and fraud.

The trading platforms is a new broker that has been making waves in the binary options industry. They offer many of the same features as other brokers, such as low trading fees and fixed returns, but they also have some unique features that make them stand out from their competitors. This review will take an in-depth look at all of the pros and cons of this broker to help you decide if it’s worth your time and money!

History of Trading Platforms

The trading platform was established in 2013 by Aleksandr Lebedev. Mr. Lebedev is a successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies over the past decade, withtheir most recent being International Ltd., which operates as both a broker-dealer and alternative investment manager under MiFID regulations. Since its inception in 2013, them has expanded rapidly to include offices all around Europe!

If you ever look on Libertex review uk then you should know how it is popular in the UK. Their headquarters are located out of Cyprus while they have additional locations across London, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Kiev, Madrid and Barcelona. As their operation continues to grow it will be interesting to see if more office locations open up elsewhere around the world – maybe even North America?!


Market and Assets

After establishing a solid foundation with their global network of offices,it began to expand their operation by increasing the number and type of assets that they offer for trading. At first this broker only offered forex products but it has since expanded its offering to include commodities such as oil, gold and silver as well! In addition you will also find some stocks available on the site too – all in all not bad at all considering many other brokers do not even give North Americans access to any stock markets during live trading hours.

Commission and Taxes

When it comes to trading fees there are more than one of the more affordable brokers out there. In fact, they boast some of the lowest commission rates in the industry with an average rate between 0 – 20%. This means that you can make a lot of trades without having to worry about going over your budget and incurring heavy fees! It’s worth noting though that this average fee does not include spreads which usually cost around $20 per trade – still very competitive however when compared to other brokers who may charge as much as double or even triple for their spreads during live trading hours.


Leverage and Deposit

While most traders are used to trading with a minimum deposit of $250, this broker offers a much lower starting point at only $50. This is great for those who want to make smaller investments and test the waters before investing larger amounts of money into their account! In terms of leverageit does not offer as high as some other brokers but you can still usually find rates between 50 – 400% which should be more than enough for your needs.

Mobile Apps

Most brokers only offer their service through a web-based platform but it has expanded its operation to include both mobile and desktop versions! Their trading apps are available on the iOS store as well as Google Play so you can enjoy your favorite assets from anywhere at any time. In addition, they have also released an HTML based platform that is compatible with almost all computers – no need for those who prefer Macbooks or Linux machines to feel left out here! The user interface of this broker’s website is fairly simple which should be fine for most traders. They do not use advanced charting features nor do they allow you to customize trade parameters within the account itself – instead these options will require manual input by going into edit mode once logged in.


Payment Methods

While most brokers only offer major credit cards for deposits, has expanded its list of acceptable forms! In addition to the usual Visa and Mastercard you will also be able to use Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller or Webmoney. This is great news as it gives traders more options when it comes to making their first deposit with this broker – no need to have all your accounts linked up right away if one method does not suit your needs!

Customer Support

Platform boasts a comprehensive customer support team that is available through live chat 24/ day on weekdays but can extend into weekends too during busy trading hours. They are also active on social media platforms such as Facebook where they post daily updates about new assets being added.


Final Words

With the advancement of technology, everything has changed, people now trade in new technological ways. In the past it happened in the big markets, people met there and exchanged goods for goods or traded with fiat currencies. But now you don’t have to be present in the market, you only need an electronic device such as a pc, laptop or mobile, and an internet connection. And you are in the market. But to do so, you need online trading service providers who are also known as online brokers. You will find many brokers and platforms online. But it is very important to choose the right platform for you because they are like the backbone of your investment. Different platforms have different fees and charges, some of them charge more than others, so be careful when choosing one to trade.

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