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When to Install Your Replacement Windows and Doors in 2024

When planning to install new replacement glass frames and doors, you need to consider the right time to do it. Most of the time, you are left wondering about the best weather for installing your glass frames. Because most traditional ones are not resistant to harsh weather, you become sensitive about the right timing for your glass replacement.

However, total glass frames and doors replacement come with desirable features that help you decide on when to install them. You always have the urgency option and personal preference for the time to install your glass and doors at this location.

1. Cold Months

During cold months, you are often afraid of exposing your family and property to cold. Cold weather can cause damage to property and expose your family to the risk of getting sick. Thus, most homeowners are skeptical about replacing their windows and doors during these months. Replacing windows during these months is possible because:

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  • Professional installers take less time to install them. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your window space remaining open for several days. It only takes a few hours to install a replacement window. During the installation process, you can keep cold away from your house using measures that you can request your installer to suggest to you. You do not have to struggle with drafty glass frames waiting for the cold months to end so that you can have them replaced.
  • Caulking and adhesives work as excellent. Another concern that homeowners consider during the cold months is the functionality of caulk and adhesives. They are afraid that they are not going to hold or be as efficient as when installed during the warm months. On the light side, this concern should not bother you when you are working with professional contractors. They understand that you need to keep cold off your home. So, they will use the right caulk and adhesives for the cold weather, since these products are available in this variety.
  • They are affordable. During cold months, there is a low demand for window replacement services. You can utilize this chance to have your window replaced since it comes at a low cost. You also do not have to make a booking and wait for long because you can find a reliable contractor almost immediately. Therefore, cold months are excellent if you are looking to make savings on your window replacement project.

2. Warm Months

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The demand for window replacement is high in warm months when compared to that of cold months. Most homeowners feel confident about replacing their glass frames and doors during these months since they think that it is more efficient. If you choose this period, you have to be patient because contractors are often busy and have to schedule you on their next available time.

Sometimes, it can take you even months before your scheduling time reaches. To understand more about carrying out your replacement window project during the warm months, let us look at a few things.

  • Speed – Compared to cold weather, installing glass frames in warm months is faster. This speed is contributed by the ease of accessing them during warm weather. Since warm weather is often accompanied by humidity, it is challenging to keep it away from the house the way you can prevent cold during chilly months. That can be more damaging to property inside the home. Since your window installers do not want to be associated with that kind of damage, they will work faster so that they can save their reputation. As a result, this weather becomes the most sought for by homeowners when doing window replacements.
  • Rain – Rain is frequent during warm months. Sometimes, it falls when least expected. This factor puts off some homeowners and prefers replacing their windows when they are most comfortable. Rainwater and thunderstorms are not friendly to the property either. When dealing with a professional installer, you will realize that they schedule their bookings early. Consider scheduling your booking within this period. Early scheduling allows you to have your glass frames and doors installed before the rain complicates the installation process.

Regardless of the type of month, you can have your glass replaced successfully. Because these two periods are sensitive, considering a professional to do the work for you makes an excellent decision.

The process of removing and installing new glass frames

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If you decide to replace the old glass frames and balcony doors, in addition to choosing the material, pay attention to the proper installation.

The glass frames are made of plastic (PVC), aluminum and wood as well as in wood-aluminum combinations. PVC joinery is the best, while the most expensive and highest quality glass frames are wood-aluminum combined, where wood from the inside gives warmth to space, and aluminum from the outside protects the wood from atmospheric influences.

Determining the right side of the window opening and precise opening dimensions are essential!

Carpentry replacement process

  1. If there is a shutter on the glass frames, open the window and pull it out.
  2. Cut the window frames into several sections with an electric saw.
  3. Carefully remove the individual pieces of the frame with gentle strokes and break the ends. If the glass frames are anchored, as in the picture below, cut the anchors with a sander. After removing the old wall frames, they will clean the wall of the mortar residue.
  4. Fit the new glass frame into the wall frame on wooden supports and fix it to the studs of all the apartments.
  5. Adjust the frame vertically and horizontally. Note the clearance distance from the walls. For adjustments, place thin pieces of wood under the studs.
  6. Fit window sills and check all its functions: opening, opening on a statue, closing. Then fix the glass with anchoring and wait for it to dry.
  7. To fill the space between the wall and the new glass, use gypsum boards, as shown in the picture next.
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They intersect in the required dimensions and stick together. Before tiling, an aluminum strip is placed on the edges of the board.

If, however, the distance between the new window frame and the wall is smaller and it is not necessary to close it with gypsum boards, treat the edges with silicone and trim it.

Customize the window sill after customizing the glass. Place it under the glass frame and attach it to the parapet.

It is advisable that two or more persons do the installment and it`s best to leave this procedure to a qualified person.

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