Is It Cheaper to Renovate Your Old Patio or Build a New One

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors by staying on your patio? But what if that patio is a bit worn out and you have a limited budget? In that situation, many house owners think about whether it is cheaper to build a new patio or remodel the old one.

As per a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscaping Professionals in 2018, Americans used $48 billion for buying patio furniture, plants, pavers, and other lawn and garden equipment. With that, it is a bit clear that both restoring and building a new patio needs you to spend an adequate amount of money.

The price of renovating or building a patio depends on many factors. For example, if you need to restore only small parts of your old patio, remodeling it is cheaper than creating a new one. Be it for renovating your old patio or building a new one, features about 50 unique patio ideas and elegant designs.

Is Building A New Patio Costly?


First and foremost, the cost of making a new patio depends on numerous factors. It comprises the expense of used materials (generally brick or concrete), the total area of the patio, furniture, and many other details.

Often, restoring the old patio seems cheaper than making a new patio. It is because the new patio models need to be built by professional contractors to get the best results without any danger.

Besides that, the average contractor labor expense is around $70 per hour (varies from place to place). According to a U.S. survey, the base price to establish a new patio is roughly $2,637. But, several components can increase this value, such as the quality of materials, patio size, and other add-ons.

If you want to install a firepit on the new patio, it will become relatively expensive. The fee for the firepit project starts from $300 and goes up to $1,400. For high-end and premium firepits, the price range is $5,000 to $10,000. In addition to that, you need to pay a separate fee for surrounding the fire pit with pavers.

Another thing that makes building a new patio costly is the landscaping details. After creating the layout for the new patio, if you want to add greenery to it, you need to create a separate space for them. Besides that, the landscaping cost differs from one place to the other. In large cities, the cost of grass seed, feed, and trim trees ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. If you want to add hardscaping, the total cost will go up more.

Is Renovating The Old Patio Costly?


Generally, restoring the old patio is a bit cheaper than building a new one, but sometimes it can be expensive. For example, renovating a small part of the patio can be done at a reasonable cost. However, restoring a completely damaged patio could become costly.

If the old patio furniture is in good condition, you can restore or refurbish it to look like a new unit. Hence, it will be cheaper to renovate your old patio. The old patios do not need to be built by any skilled constructors. It is because old patios are already designed and only require a few restorations. For that, you have to list out the things that need to be renovated. Remodeling the patio can sometimes become expensive if you choose high-quality or costly materials.

Mostly, the old patios will have a firepit, either a built-in or ready-made model. So, you can repaint or modify the old firepit to use it again in your patio, which saves hefty amounts of dollars. It is because the cost of a firepit ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Rather than using expensive furniture to restore the patio, it is best to use cost-effective methods to fill up the free spaces. If your old patio already has some defined paths, you can fill it with plants. Before that, clean and remove the unwanted things from the empty places. Also, use some stones and make a small garden path. Get the required home garden equipment from the local stores to create a budget-friendly garden space in your old patio.

How To Create A Patio With Money Saving Methods


Here are some cost-effective tips which are beneficial in renovating and building a new patio. Make sure to use the following tips to have a budget-friendly patio in your home.

• Use old bedding to make a cozy area on your patio. Add soft pillows and different types of printed and colorful cushions.
• You can use concrete pavers, stones, and poured concrete to make a unique and fun path on your patio.
• You can use concrete or red bricks to make a quick and temporary fire pit, which can save plenty of money.
• If your patio has large and sturdy trees, tie a hammock to enjoy the view in leisure periods. Other alternatives to hammocks include a swing and a rocking chair.
• If you do not have any bricks or tiles, it is better to cover your patio flooring with grass beds or artificial grass carpets.
• For making a cozy patio, you can add DIY decorations, small planters, lights, and many other items.
• If you have a big patio, fill it up with the old repainted or refurbished furniture, for example, old sofa set, dining table, study tables, and more.
• If you feel that the patio walls look empty, use vertical shelves and load them with various types of plants, such as flowering plants, climbers, and so on.

Final Word

Mostly, renovating small parts of the old patio is a lot cheaper than creating a new one. However, if you need to restore a large portion of the old patio with premium quality materials, building a new and small patio is cost-effective. So, the expense of remodeling and building a new patio varies depending on several factors.

Sometimes, renovating the old patio is cheaper and other times, creating a new one is less expensive. Hence, list out the essential factors, and you can determine which one will be cost-effective.

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