5 Tips for Recycling Your Old iPhone

There is nothing more appropriate than buying new technology. Between the release of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and in the holiday season, you may have noticed some new devices worth splurging on. But with all the shiny new equipment, how will you dispose of the old things that suddenly look like a lot of garbage. Only it is not rubbish. It is often referred to as “e-waste”, which contains carcinogenic chemicals, and if it is buried in a landfill, it releases mercury and releases lead into the air.

Millions of people upgrade their iPhones once a year. Of course, if you join Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, you can buy a new iPhone every year. So when your iPhone gets old and slow, what is the process to recycle it? It is unwise to discard it because it is not environmentally friendly. Of course, if you always keep your old iPhone in good condition, you can sell it to earn cash, or you can return it to Apple to receive gift cards online or buy new credit cards. This article will give you a sort of guideline on you how to best recycle your old iPhone. If you are lucky, your phone can still be worth a cool mint, and you may sell it to recoup the price of a new one. There are many places you can consider to recycle and get your money back.

Keep in mind that new phones, like the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11, are the most popular, so you will get more money when you sell yours. In addition, shop around so you can get a good price for your iPhone. Costs of iPhones depend on the expected demand and current stock. To help you successfully recycle your old iPhone, here are helpful tips you can consider. You can also get more details on the site –

Know the Recycling Benefits


Old devices may seem like trash to you, but they mostly have valuable materials. Hence, if you don’t properly dispose of your old iPhone XR 64GB, it may pose a threat to you as well as the environment. For instance, some phone parts may have mercury that may cause muscular disorders and brain damage. Lead is another harmful element in phones. It may result in cancer and other medical problems in the brain.

Recycling your device means that the materials in the phone will be used properly. The solder, silicon, and gold in the phone may be recovered and reused. If your phone is not functioning, a qualified recycler can also recover:

  • Rare earth elements
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Sell Your Phone


If your phone is still in good condition, you can sell it for a good price. The cost depends on the wear and the phone’s model. Though whether you are selling it to a buyer or considering recycling programs, ensure you first create a backup and remove all your data using iCloud, iTunes, or any other recommended tool. This is important because your data, which is not synced in iCloud, will have a secure home. With this, you can transfer the data to your new phone.

In case you have an Apple Watch connected to your phone, you may need to first unpair it. You can use an app on your device to disconnect. However, don’t delete your reminders, calendars, and contacts manually. This is because you may delete your important content from the iCloud servers.

Put Donation into Consideration


Some phone carriers operate recycling programs to allow iPhone users to recycle their devices and accessories. If you don’t prefer selling your device, you may opt to look at charitable donations. These might be non-profit and local service organizations, like churches and schools. You may also get a small fee for having your phone recycled, though the most important thing is to put your device into good use.

Consider Apple


You can recycle your old device by sending it back to Apple. Usually, Apple is environmentally conscious and may help to recycle your phone with its program. It’s simple to recycle any Apple device online, and for qualifying gadgets, you may get a gift or credit to purchase products in its store.

You may also drop off your device at a retail Apple store or visit its page to receive a prepaid mailing label. The webpage also has links to free recycling programs in different states in America and other parts of the world.

Give it Back to Your Carrier


Some phone carriers, such as AT&T, runs recycling programs to allow users to recycle their iPhones, batteries, and accessories. You can check with your carrier to determine if it has the program. Similar to the Apple Company, AT&T provides free-mail-in programs to every customer who wants to recycle their old phones.

The Bottom Line!

Recycling your phone is a good way to keep the environment safe. You should definitely recycle your phone; the above pointers hope to help you! You will save the planet and help yourself, so why not? Whether you give it to someone else or make discarded parts available. Many cell phones around the world treat cell phones as hazardous waste because the phones that end up in landfills may seep chemicals into the groundwater system. In addition, keeping the items in the phone (for example, energy, and precious metals) can save us the energy and pollution needed to remanufacture or recycle these items. Don’t store it on a shelf as it can be dangerous, especially when exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Though with many recycling options, it may be challenging to evaluate the best method of recycling. Whether you prefer selling or sending back to Apple Company, every recycling option can be perfect for ensuring you protect the environment.

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Your old phone has always been your good companion. Even if you might be happy to have a new friend, take some time to say goodbye to this old friend.

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