9 Tips For Planning Your First White Water Rafting Trip

It can be good to have something to look forward to as you slog through the chilly, monotonous weeks of winter like a fantastic summer vacation plan! It’s never too early to start planning, researching, and preparing for a whitewater rafting trip anywhere! While white water rafting is known for its thrills and adrenaline rushes, it’s also a terrific way to engage with friends, get a challenging upper-body workout, and reconnect with nature. And, contrary to widespread assumption, it is not impossible. Anyone can enjoy white water rafting as long as they choose a stretch appropriate for their ability level and have all the necessary information. Read on for some advice on how to get ready for your first whitewater adventure.

Understand the Class System


When it comes to organizing your white water rafting vacation, you should be aware that rapids are classified according to their difficulty. It varies from Class I to IV, with Class I being the easiest.

If you’re a novice to whitewater rafting, choose a Class I route to ensure that everyone involved stays safe. This way, you can enjoy rafting without having to worry about trepid currents disrupting your trip.

Make Sure You Have Packed Necessary Stuff

While there isn’t much, you can prepare for your river float trip, and the rafting packing list is something you should look through before you go. You’ll want to make sure you have everything you’ll need to have a good time on your trip. It includes the following:

  • A bathing suit or athletic attire
  • Sunglasses with a strap to keep them in place
  • Shoes that are safe and comfortable
  • Bottle of water
  • After the excursion, bring a change of clothes or dry clothes.
  • Wetsuit or water shoes (also available for rent)

The two things you’ll want to bring with you are dry clothes and appropriate clothing for the trip.

Calculate Your Expenses


When planning a trip, take some time to ensure that you have the appropriate finances. These rafting vacations can be costly, particularly if you have to travel a long distance to attend one. As a result, you should sit down and calculate how much white water rafting will cost you.

You should save up the money you’ll need while leaving some room in your budget for any unforeseen expenses that may develop during the vacation.

Plan Ahead Of Time

These trips not only cost money to prepare, but they also need planning. To reserve a time slot for your trip, you may need to plan months ahead of time. It is determined by the number of available bookings, the location, and various other criteria.

In either case, it’s a good idea to schedule and reserve rafting equipment ahead of time to avoid issues and ensure that you can complete the trip.

Are You Nervous?


So, you’ve made your travel arrangements. What’s next? You’re probably a little anxious about whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River, and that’s just natural! Are you afraid of falling into the water? Are you concerned about your raft flipping? Do you think you’re clueless when it comes to whitewater rafting? These things, and more, are covered in the comprehensive training every guide delivers before boarding the raft. Don’t worry. The professional raft guides place your safety first, so if you take a swim, they will know how to get you back on the boat as safely and quickly as possible.

Cooperate with your Guide

The Echo Canyon River Expeditions’ whitewater guides are among the best in Colorado, with years of expertise and extensive training. As you navigate the river, please pay attention to their paddle commands and follow them. When they tell you to paddle, do it! If they don’t give you a paddle command, don’t paddle! Your river guide knows the river like the back of his hand. Following your guide’s directions will ensure a safe and enjoyable novice rafting adventure.

Special Needs/Children


If you or someone in your group has a specific requirement, make sure you address it appropriately to the instructor accompanying you on your journey. Remember that whitewater rafting is open to people of all abilities. People who regularly reside in wheelchairs, as well as people with various forms of disabilities, are frequently seen participating in this type of activity.

Again, you must find the correct whitewater rafting outfitter for your children. On the other hand, most happily welcome youngsters on this excursion, understanding that it is a great family outing. However, you should research the age and size criteria since they differ according to the kind of boat, the outfitting firm, the water level, the difficulty of the trip, and other various factors.

Always Wear A Life Jacket And A Helmet

Any time spent in the water can be made safer and more enjoyable by using the appropriate protective gear. Just make sure you wear it correctly, which involves clipping all of the buckles. The jacket should be snug enough to prevent you from pulling it up over your head but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Ask your guide to try on the jacket before setting your foot into the raft to make sure it fits well.

Wear a helmet at all times, regardless of the difficulty level of your rafting course. If you want to feel safer, you can get your CPR certification online in places such as AdvancedMedicalCertification, so you can be more prepared for any misfortunes on the river.

Keep Your Paddle In Place


It’s dangerous to hold your paddle wrongly. One hand should always be over the “T” grip, which can inflict significant injury if it hits you in the face, and the other should always be over the shaft at the paddle’s base. You can keep control of the paddle and soften the blow if it comes flying toward your face by maintaining one hand on it at all times. Inquire with your advisor about proper techniques.


Your family will be able to bond, spend quality time together, and have fun on a white water rafting adventure. However, if you want to be safe while having a good time with your family, you should plan ahead of time and schedule all arrangements already. These nine suggestions can assist you in the planning phase, allowing you to enjoy a lovely trip while keeping your family secure.

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