Planning Travels in 2024 – Places You Must Visit

With traveling services being more and more available for everyone, it makes it a no brainer move to save a few hundred dollars and visit a place that you’ve always wanted.

The world is full of untold beauties that are just waiting for you to visit them. And if you don’t have a bucket list already on your dream destination, then it’s time to create one. In this article, we are going to explore some of the places you must visit, so take note.

1. Queensland, Australia –The Great Barrier Reef


Australia is truly a magnificent and bizarre place in the world. Apart from the dangerous creatures and insects that will try to kill you on a daily bases, Australia is also home to some of the most magnificent sights in the world. One of those is, of course, the Great Barrier Reef. For those who don’t know, the Great Barrier Reef is a 1,400 miles long collection of coral reefs that can even be spotted from space!

The Great Barrier Reef is the most popular scuba diving destination in the world and is labeled as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Great Barrier Reef is home to exotic fishes and various other underwater critters that are dying to meet you.

2. Egypt – The Pyramids of Giza


A lot of mystery surrounds the Egyptian pyramids and how they were built. Having existed since 2,560 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and it was the tallest man-made structure for the next 3,800 years. Egypt is a place with much history and culture, having been one of the most advanced civilizations in its time.

Ancient Egyptians loved to build in the name of their Pharaohs, and the pyramids were essentially their tombs. It was said that once the pharaoh has died, he would be mummified and placed in his pyramid. But the most frightening fact is that everyone who would serve him in the palace would be buried alive along with the pharaoh in the pyramid.

3. Bolivia – Salar De Uyuni


Located at 11,800 feet above sea level, Salar De Uyuni is truly the most surreal thing in our world. Salar De Uyuni is a salt lake, the biggest salt lake in existence, spanning across 4,086 square miles. This lake dates way back in history and was even formed by multiple ancient lakes.

The late itself has high concentrations of salt that cause reflection when it rains. The reflection is so strong, due to the high concentrations of salt, that the lake acts as a giant mirror from space and is even used to calibrate satellites. The lake is truly a magnificent sight and one that is very rare in the world. However, due to the high altitudes, the winters can be as cold as -4 degrees F.

4. Tulum, Mexico – Cenotes


Tulum is very famous for its cenotes, as well as Mexico in general. Cenotes are essentially holes filled with water that has been naturally created from the collapse of limestone. These were considered by the Ancient Mayans as the portals to Xibalba (the Netherworld) and the places where they would deliver their sacrifices to their gods.

However, nowadays, cenots are very popular tourist destinations. In these water-filled holes, you can dive, swim, relax, chill, etc. Some are on the open, while others are located inside caves. The cenotes located in caves are extra thrilling and well worth your visit. The most popular cenotes in Tulum are Gran Cenot, Suytun, Multum-ha, Tamcach-ha, Choo-ha, and many others.

The best way to get to Tulun is to travel to Cancun city first. From there, you can hire the services of shuttle transports to get you to Tulum. For more information, make sure to take a look at eTransfers Cancun and Tulum, Mexico.

5. Arizona, USA – The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon spans across 200 miles and follows the Colorado River all throughout Arizona. The Grand Canyon was created by the river itself over a period of thousands of years. The Grand Canyon is made out of hundreds of different shades of colors, all resembling a psychedelic trip. Visiting the Grand Canyon is nothing short of easy since it is Arizona’s most popular tourist attraction that boasts over 6 million visitors a year.

It seems that Arizona is a place of true beauty, as the Grand Canyon isn’t the only place you can visit. Located north of the Grand Canyon, the Antelope Canyon was carved out naturally millions of years ago. However, you’d have to Google it to see the magnificence of this canyon, as the colors of the rocks appear in numerous shades. One would think this is a Photoshopped image, but it is in fact very real and very beautiful.

6. Chile – Easter Island

The word Moai should give out a few hints as to what these structures are. The Easter Island is located at sea, nearly 3,500 km from mainland Chile, with a population of just below 5,800 people. The Easter Island is home to 887 gargantuan statues that no one really knows why there were made. All that is known is that the natives of this island had carved them somewhere between the 13th and 16th centuries.

The Moai are made in a strange shape, the heads of the statues are oversized compared to the body. They resemble human figures, but who knows what it could have been. Easter Island is a very famous archeological island that welcomes visitors from all corners of the world.

7. China – Reed Flute Caves


Caves are very mysterious and they occur naturally in the world. China is no stranger to caves, and the Reed Flute Caves were the country’s main attraction for more than 1,500 years. The magnificent cave system spans across 240 meters, but the length of the caves isn’t what’s impressive here.

The most impressive thing is the incredibly colored stalactite, stalagmite, and pillar formations that vibrate in various colors. While the Chinese do have lights placed to spice up the entire view, even more, the Reed Flute Caves still represent some of the most impressive deeds of nature. Traveling can be really expensive hobby so you can check out ParkOn and see some interesting and useful information how to spare some money and enjoy in the same time

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