How to Know if You Are the Father of Your Child: Paternity Tests You Can Trust

If you need or want to find out the paternity of your child, then an at-home paternity test is an easy, affordable and discreet way to do so. The tests below are some of the most trusted options on the market, so you can be as confident as possible about the veracity of the result.

Rapid DNA Testing


If speed is important, then this Rapid DNA Testing is a great option, as you will usually receive your results two to three business days after the lab receives your sample, which is collected by cheek swab. Each test looks for sixteen or twenty-one genetic markers to determine paternity, and the results are 99.99% accurate.

Rapid DNA Testing is a good choice where there is a legal outcome that will be determined by the result of the test, as it can be accepted by all US courts as part of a genetic match case; to this end, the results can be used in cases that involve, for example, child custody, adoption, child support, birth certificates, and immigration, as well as for court proceedings involving wills, estates, court orders, and tax forms. Have a look here for more information on the type of at-home tests that are approved for legal use and how to go about ordering one. This particular provider offers the lowest cost guarantee, meaning that they will match the price if you find a similar DNA home test cheaper elsewhere, and they guarantee confidentiality and a super quick turnaround.



Costing $129 and with results delivered in just three to five business days, HomeDNADirect is another solid option when it comes to choosing an at-home paternity test.

The test looks for the presence of twenty-one genetic markers, and the results are delivered by email. The test is carried out with a simple and easy-to-do cheek swab, and customer support staff are on hand should users have any queries or need further advice. The service includes the opportunity to have an online or telephone discussion with a DNA consultant, who will be able to go over your case with you. This can be especially handy if you are not sure what type of test you require or would like to have help interpreting the results.

HomeDNADirect can also provide immigration tests that are valid for use in immigration and naturalization cases in the US; the cost for this specialized test is $499, or $299 is the charge for a DNA test that can be accepted in court for custody issues.

International Biosciences


Advertizing 99.99% accuracy paternity testing and results returned within three to five business days, International Biosciences offer DNA tests that can be used for legal and immigration purposes. Twenty-one genetic markers are tested for, confidentiality is assured, and the company offers a customer services department for test users, too.

An at-home paternity test will cost you $119 from this company, or $299 for a test that is accepted in a family law court. Prenatal paternity tests are also available; they are non-invasive and cost $1,1,95.

International Biosciences’ website is full of useful information and educational resources and includes a FAQ, glossary, and knowledge base so that you can fully understand the test you are having, the markers it is looking for, and how it works.

Paternity Depot


Staff are available for advice and support 24/7 at this home testing company. The charge per test is £69, and the website states that the results are 100% accurate. Paternity Depot is one of the leading providers of home paternity tests in the UK, and both the test itself and the lab fees are included in the price.

Once the user receives the kit and the swabs are taken, they simply need to be returned to the lab in the prepaid envelope, and the results will come through about one week later. Results can be provided via email, telephone, fax, or regular mail. The company also offers a split kit, so that one test can be sent to an alternative address if required. If users would like the test to have legal standing, then an additional £30 is payable for the preparation of the paperwork needed.

There is a helpful video tutorial on Paternity Depot’s website, which gives instructions on exactly how to take the cheek swab, and a comprehensive FAQ page, too, for any other inquiry that those seeking to use this service may have.

My Forever DNA


The tests offered by My Forever DNA establish paternity and also provide additional genetic information on both the child and the possible father. Once ordered, a test kit should arrive within two business days; everything needed to collect and return the samples is included. Once the lab has received these samples, the results will be delivered in one to three business days. Prices start at $139 for an at-home test, which includes all lab fees and shipping. There is a range of other types of DNA tests available on the company’s website.

My Forever DNA can ship tests to multiple locations if required, even to addresses overseas. The tests are 99.99% accurate and look for sixteen or twenty-one genetic markers to determine paternity. The company’s lab is AABB accredited and CAP certified, meaning that you can be assured of the highest levels of confidentiality, accuracy, and proficiency.

STK Paternity


At-home test kits from this company can be ordered on Amazon and cost around $99. As with the other home tests mentioned above, samples are taken via cheek swabs that are then mailed back to the lab in a prepaid envelope, following which the results are returned. The method of sample collection is quick, completely painless, and suitable for all ages, including newborns. In the case of STK Paternity, a full report containing the results, which investigates sixteen genetic markers, is usually returned within three to five business days, and the company offers a phone call to explain and interpret the details of the results if required. Results are delivered online, although a full-color copy of the report can be provided on request.

The relevant components of the test kit are FDA approved, and the lab has ISO 17025 certification as well as A2LA and AABB accreditation to assure test users that the highest quality practices and processes are being followed and used. Potential users should be aware, though, that the paternity results provided by this company are not approved for use in a court of law, although the STK Paternity offers a $50 credit with each order that can be put towards a test with legal standing.

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