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Every day we perceive various changes in the technology sector with new trends, updates, releases, and gadgets revealed regularly around the world. Why? Well, this is because we as humans constantly evolve and face our problems. These challenges bring about the need for innovations, which in turn leads to the discovery of new gadgets and technological advancements.

Sometimes one of the easiest ways for a firm to volove is a takeover bid, merger, or buy out which then creates the need for online digital migrations. Even within a company or brand’s own business structure, online digital migrations also occur.

Today, we shall be looking into the latest online digital migration news, gadget releases, and software updates from your favourite tech giants.

iGaming Industry Migration For Live Dealer & Slot Platform


In the online casino industry, some major changes have occurred. Most notably NetEnt which was one of the first iGaming firms to bring video slots and live dealer table games online sold to Evolution on the NASDAQ for a €1.8bn takeover. The NetEnt shareholders voted a resounding 98% in favour of the move.

Now NetEnt slots vertical will migrate over to Evolution’s platform in an online digital migration strategy while retaining the NetEnt brand name for the time being. NetEnt slots makeup for some of the most popular titles on websites such as However these review sites will not need to change their netEnt slot branding just yet because Evolution plans to keep the name and brand very much alive.

Meanwhile Evolution did not migrate the NetEnt live gaming studio in Malta to its already extensive live dealer platform which currently boast more than 9 live casino studios globally which includes 2 recently opened in the USA in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The move is already stirring up issues in Malta as Evolution begins its migration. By not discontinuing the live dealer studio, Evolution must make redundancies to which local authorities did not accept and are now taking Evolution to court to get the workers better redundancy packages. You can learn more about it on

UK Sports & iGaming Firm Migrates to US Owned Platform


Other news of migrations within the iGaming industry include Caesars Entertainment taking over William Hill. This is yet another billion Euro deal that actually took the iGaming industry by surprise. With the new emergence of online gambling licenses in the USA, we have seen new states come online and usually it is British or European firms leading the way.

However, this time it is a US based firm, Caesars Entertainment, that is taking over a long time British owned firm. 86% of shareholders voted in favour of the takeover, which was a huge 47.3% of the total vote needed. Private shareholders swung the vote way over 50% which now means the migration will go ahead but not fully until Q1 of 2024.

Caesars Entertainment will need to also migrate its licensing as new ownership means new licensing for the company which means gaining UKGC, MGA, and other European licensing authorities approval. As both brands are huge in the US, the UK, and Europe, this should only become a technicality in the Caesars Entertainment and William Hill casino and sportsbook migration plans.

Now Caesars Entertainment operates in both land based and online casino environments giving the firm the ultimate reach to all gambling markets.

Alexa Migration to Live Transition Feature


In an attempt to make Alexa smarter than ever, Amazon has recently released a new feature called Live Transition which works by the voice-based assistant combining Amazon’s speech recognition technology with neural machine translation.

The Live Transition feature supports language translation for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Hindi. With this novel element, Alexa is hoping to beat Google Home’s Assistant.

Google Services experience short outage


On the 14th of December, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, YouTube, and other applications powered by Google experienced an unusual short service outage which saw millions of users incapable of accessing their favorite services. Google’s search engine, however, wasn’t affected by the issues affecting those additional services.

Google Cloud released a statement later that day explaining the problem had also hit their authentication systems, which are used for logging in into their services and other platforms using Google’s software. The problem was due to an internal storage quota issue and has now been resolved, lasting for only 45 minutes.

Although it lasted for a short period, the outage had a negative impact on different companies and businesses that rely on the services of Google to do basic tasks and jobs, especially during this pandemic.

Facebook’s Collab music video app launched on iOS


The experimental Collab music-making app from Facebook has finally been launched on Apple App Store this December. The iOS app was originally launched back in May by Facebook’s New Production Experimentation team as an invite-only beta.

The Collab music video app allows users to create and blend original videos, and watch other users’ music-based videos. It also gives users the ability to play three 15-second independent videos in sync. This means people can make music videos and short videos together even when they are not together physically.

One edge the app currently has over TikTok remains the feature of syncing three videos at once in landscape mode, which will finally result in a sharable vertically-oriented video. Who knows, with time, the Facebook Collab app may offer enough features to rival and outmatch the mega video-sharing app.

Collaborating like this could be great for sports betting enthusiasts as they get to share their screen record with other players.

Nokia 5.4 has been officially launched


The recently launched Nokia 5.4 is a new addition to the Nokia 5 series. This new release comes with a powerful 48MP quad rear camera and a 16MP front camera—both allowing users to capture every stunning detail of their life.

It boasts of decent battery life with a 4,000 mAh capacity and is proclaimed to last for two days after a single charge. The smartphone runs on an upgradeable Android 10 and is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662. It also comes with an internal storage capacity of either 64GB or 128GB and offers up to 6GB of RAM.

You can purchase Nokia 5.4 at a price of about $230 for the base model (4GB RAM and 64GB storage).

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