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Nudist Beaches in Tenerife South – 2021 Guide

The beautiful Canary Islands in Spain bring you the best of nature in the Southern part of Tenerife.  The extremely pleasing beaches on the coastline are ideal for holidays and to experience pleasure. These beautiful beaches welcome nudists or nature lovers. Beaches have always been a place that you can define on your own, you find solitude with the silence yet rustling breeze while walking on the grainy sand in the shallow waters or you can party wild and surf in the raging tides.

Playa de la Pelada

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This is the most happening beach in the south of Tenerife the waters are clear and dazzling the sheer sounds of the waves is like music to your ears; it is soft and wild. The sand is black yet it shimmers with the beaming sun rays at the bottom of the wild landscapes offering a panoramic view. The beach is open for nature enthusiasts as the beach is private tourists can unleash themselves it is one of the best nude beach Tenerife has, you can visit for more details. Since the beach is deserted be cautious you might get astonished by the high tides all of a sudden. The beach spans 80 meters in length and 20 meters in width, you do have a parking facility available.

Playa Montaña Roja

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The beach is beautiful; waves crashing against the weathered rocks; tides that reach the sand gently sweeping the heat off of your feet. The gorgeous nature brings soulful cheer in every way possible. The turquoise waters are clear, it is a great place for swimmers the beauty of the beach is mysterious with a gentle yet windy breeze. The golden sun rays in the evening make you forget the worries of life. The sea is majestic; the waves roaring yet they calm your mind with no words to express the wondrous nature. It goes by the name ‘The Red Mountain’, basically the beach is situated on the dormant volcano with a huge history. People who love to hike can go to the actual mountain the mount Tiede which is 171 meters in height giving you a scenic view of the entire surrounding beaches. The beach is 50 meters in length and 31 meters in width with shiny sand it is a splendid walk through the beach.

Blanca Beach (Diego Hernández)

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Experience splashes of cold water on your feet with a wonderful trip to this bay, it will make you feel refreshed as the beaming sun or the cool breeze caress you. It is located in Adeje, in the province of Tenerife (Canarias) known for its exotic beaches engulfed with nature. You will love the solitude in this secluded cove; the massive bronzed rocks flanking the beach keep the clamor away to let you escape in serenity. A walk to La Caleta bay is an exciting path for hiking. If you are a naturist this is a place to visit. The beach is spread over 200 meters in length and 25 meters in width with its calm waters and golden-hued sand it’s a beautiful place to visit.  It can only be reached on foot so travellers enjoy a blissful walk on their way to the beach.

Playa de la Tejita

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This extravagant beach is located in Granadilla de Abona. The beach is 1 km long with golden brown fine-grained sand which is volcanic sand; the beach is windy making it an ideal choice for surfers. The beach is a part of Montana Roja the visitors can get a beautiful view of ‘The Red Mountain’. This is a nudist-friendly beach many travellers visit this amazing beach all through the year; it makes it easy for travellers to visit as it has resorts and accommodations nearby. It is known to be the largest beaches in Tenerife. As there are many visitors the beach has sun lounges and at the ends of the beach. You can reach there easily by car also the beach has a parking facility. It is a great place for a family vacation; children will love it as there is a lot of space to play.

Playa Montaña Amarilla

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Known for its uniqueness and its beauty this magnificent place is a house for water sports. It is situated in the south of Tenerife on Costa del Silencio. The tinted mountains look like small caves from a distance, you will find several sunbathers here, and this beach is known for nature lovers. Many sea lovers enjoy their holiday at this refreshing beach by swimming in the wild waters. Not only sports in the cool clear water below you can enjoy hiking on top of Montana Amarilla. The bar at the beach lets you party all day. The beach has many small rocky mountains depicting some of the hippie caves in Greece. Just a glimpse of this beach will commit it – to your memory. Taking a plunge in the wild waters can get tricky at high tides, be careful if you are not a swimmer you can enjoy other sports at the beach if swimming is not your game. Crave for drinks; the beach got it sorted with Mana Nui Chiringuito Beach Bar. This beautiful beach will make you bottle the briny scent of the sea and grab some pebbles from the shore. You will remember the feel of the grainy sand on your feet forever.

The Médano Beach

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The meaning of the word is ‘The Sand Dune’ in Spanish, it is a place located in Granadilla de Abona, the beach is a popular spot for tourist because unlike other beaches it has access to restaurants, hotels, etc. The beach is a host for some sports and activities which are staged worldwide like championships for windsurfing, kite surfing, etc. Since 2004, the beach is honoured with the European Blue Flag. The sun rises like a fireball giving a breath-taking view from the beach. The rustling breeze gently soothes your mind and calms all your fears.

The bay area has three divisions one is for the sailing which has proper entry and exit points, the second is the swimming area and the third is the prohibited pig’s bay. The beach spans across 750 meters in length and 43 meters in width. The beach has facilities like a shower room and a changing room. The view of the red mountain from a distance shows the halo of the edges of the mountain rising to the sky seems like a golden crest in the morning.

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