Reasons There is Nothing wrong with a one Night Stand

One-night stands are something that’s mostly criticized by the general public, but there are actually more reasons there’s nothing wrong with them than reasons they’re bad. Folks just need to move with the time and accept that we’re all humans and that we all have needs, needs which might not be only satisfied in the bedroom with someone we love and care for, but maybe with someone we’ve just met at the bar. One-night stands are awesome, it’s simple as that, and here are some reasons why there’s nothing wrong with them.

One-night stands can show you what you like or dislike in the bedroom. How would you know whether you like cowgirl or doggy style more if you haven’t tried it out? One-night stands are in the core of it an experience, and experiences are there to teach us. This experience might teach you that you don’t like to be pulled by your hair or something among the lines. And you might also find out your favorite position with a stranger during a one-night stand.

In the long run, they help you be a better person sexually for a future relationship. How would you satisfy your future partner if you didn’t have the chance to practice a bit? It’s always better to jump into something big with a head-start and one-night stands provide you exactly that: the head-start. They also teach you to express yourself sexually, which is a good thing if you want proper, full, and to the core communication with your future long-term partner.


One reason why one-night stands are good, and a reason that most people forget about on that one, is that one-night stands are healthy. First, they can help you let off steam, and secondly, sex is healthy. Both for guys and girls, having sex has its advantages. Physical, emotional, and sexual health is important, and if you don’t have a significant other, a one-night stand can help you out.

Talking about significant others, if you aren’t in a serious relationship, and you’re horny, one-night stands are perfect. You don’t have to be attached to someone in order to enjoy good old sex. Fucking with no strings attached is always fun and always brings something new to the table, it’s totally out of the comfort zone so it’ll never be boring.

If you’re grieving over an ex and you still think that you won’t meet anyone like them, one-night stands can prove you wrong and help you out. Fucking another guy or girl, whatever your preference is, will most definitely help you out as it’ll get you out of the thought loop in which you think that your ex is the only one you’ll ever be able to be with or whatever might be the case. Having sex with strangers will turn your ex into a stranger to you, and that’s a known fact.

Last but not least, having sex with strangers and enjoying one-night stands from time to time is better than having sex with your friends or friends with benefits. Why? Why have sex with someone you don’t know instead of fucking with a trusty friend? Well, simply because, fucking with friends never results in something good. It always turns out to be messy and things get out of hand very quickly.


And there’s also the aspect of crazy good sex. There are going to be times in which you’ll have the best sex of your life during a one-night stand. Of course, even bad sex is good sex, but phenomenal sex is an often occurrence in one-night stands. If you don’t believe me you can visit and find yourself a partner for the night. You can tell me all about how amazing the shag was in the morning.

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