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Moving Out? How and Where to Donate Excess Inventory – 2024 Guide

If you are planning to move and want to save money in the process, you must think of donating your excess items. It is a good way to find a charity and donate all the items that you have not used lately. Not only you will be able to save money, but also have limited stuff to arrange in your new home. It will also help you in saving your time in packing, loading, and moving.

The cost of hiring moving companies as well as car shipping companies is growing with each passing day and hence minimizing the inventory is important, as indicated by Moreover, considering donation is a noble thought, so without further ado, you must start scanning your inventory and identify items that are best for your new home. Here we have made a list of places you can contact to donate your extra items.

Browse through these suggestions that guide you in donating excess inventory:

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  1. Food banks

After all, if you want a safe move then it is not a wiser option to take the leftover food with you because it can damage other expensive belongings during transportation. While there are rare chances that it will not spoil while you move to a new place, you wouldn’t like to eat stale food, will you? The best way to donate non-perishable items is to reach out to a food bank near you. Consider all the canned items, cereal, rice and all other items that you have which can feed someone needy. Donate such items to food banks that are close to you. Find the best organization that takes food items and serve it to the needy people. This way you can donate all the leftover food items and ensure that you are being a part of a great cause.

  1. Salvation Army

Once you inventory all the items that you have not used since last year, it is time to donate such items and get rid of all the excess and unwanted belongings. Salvation Army is one great option to accomplish the task. The Salvation Army helps needy adults, particularly those who are addicted and are suffering from it. The organization welcomes almost all types of home belongings such as furniture, vehicles, trucks, home appliances, apparel, and all other household goods. You can scan your home and identify items that are not required and then call up the organization. There are many Salvation Army identified locations where you can drop off the items there so they can be used by those who are needy. Nothing can be a better way than helping those who need it.

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  1. Goodwill

Goodwill is a reputed, popular and reliable organization where you can send donations. The organization accepts almost all types of household belongings that are in good condition, new or in good working condition. These items are sold at the auction site. This is a non-profit organization that has been a partner with Dell to collect all the unwanted devices. You can easily donate your household items there. The organization tends to recycle and refurbish items so they can be used by needy people. Just call their local center, they arrange for a free pick up from their pick up locations.

  1. Local libraries

Do you want to lighten up the book selves? If yes, then donating your books to local libraries is a good option. Many local libraries accept old books for free. Certain libraries have their CDs, DVDs, and books and are always ready to accept more. Remember that the books that are just a waste for you can be a big source of knowledge for the others. That is why, instead of wasting these books, donating them to the local libraries will be a great option.

  1. Pickup Please

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For those who want to donate quickly and ensure that it reaches the right hands Pickup Please is the right organization. The organization is very effective in picking up all the unwanted stuff you have at your home at the earliest. They commit to getting the stuff picked within 24 hours. Then this organization sell all the collected stuff to earn money and the earned money is used to generate funds for different local, state and national programs. They accept almost all the belongings including clothing, electronic items, home appliances, household stuff, shoes and much more. As soon as you schedule the pickup time they come to pick it up. However, it is requested for you to label the boxes and leave them out of the gate and the Pickup Please people will pick it from there.

Extra Tip

Once you gather unnecessary stuff and all the belongings you don’t want to bring with you, make sure to check out with the organizations around you what they need. Don’t just show up to their doorstep with a bunch of belongings they don’t even accept. It will require some extra work at first, but you will not go back and forth with all the stuff in your trunk.

In case you know someone who needs and looks for the certain items you have, at the end of the day, you can give it to them free of charge. Last but not least, if you don’t know what to do and where to take all the things, give it to a homeless person.

Nothing can give you more happiness and satisfaction than the feeling that you can help those who are needy. That is why, scan your home before you move, and donate all the unwanted stuff. You need to take it all out, so why not do a good deed while you are at it?

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