10 Tips for Keeping the Spark Alive With Your Partner

Intimacy plays a significant part in any relationship. Whether you are married or in a long-distance relationship with your college sweetheart, it’s always important to keep the spark burning. It takes effort to maintain a relationship, but there are countless ways to help you and your partner maintain a connection. The tips should help you get started on the road to greater intimacy:

1. Be open to communication


We all know what happens to couples when they lack healthy communication. A breakdown in intimacy happens when both of them feel no need to talk about the simplest things. You can never go wrong with opening up a topic to talk about during dinner. Even if it’s about the simplest events or situations, being able to start a conversation with your partner indicates your desire to be open up. You can do that by asking engaging open-ended questions that encourage your partner to share. You just need to ask these questions under appropriate circumstances.

2. Allocate time


Even when both of you are busy with work, you still need to spend quality time with each other. Intimate moments not only help you unwind but also provide an opportunity to disconnect from the world and connect with each other at a deeper level. Treat the time you spend with your partner and spouse with equal importance as your other activities at work.

3. Be adventurous


Monotony has the potential to destroy your relationship, especially if your partner abhors routine. Try to think of a new activity you can do together. Don’t settle for anything that’s within your comfort zone. You can pick up an interesting hobby or go to new restaurants or recreational areas. If you would like a change in scenery, consider going on a spontaneous trip to another country. Taking risks and having a sense of curiosity helps make your relationship interesting as the years go by.

4. Do something inspiring together


Apart from activities that provide a sense of excitement, you should also consider doing good deeds as a couple. You can volunteer for community organizations or take part in counseling younger people. Making a positive change in other people’s lives helps you develop greater affection for each other.

5. Solve a problem as a team


It’s easy to point fingers at each other for every mistake or problem that happens. Solving an issue gets easier if you are willing to work together. No relationship is perfect. You can get into a fight, have disagreements, or refuse to talk to each other out of spite. It’s always satisfying to see yourselves overcoming your personal grievances and agree to make things better. Instead of setting up barriers, build bridges and invite your partner to solve a problem. You are guaranteed to experience more intimacy as a result.

6. Do a major project


In addition to dealing with a problem, you should also consider starting a major project and work on it together. After all, doing anything productive provides you with the opportunity to communicate and cherish each other’s strengths more deeply. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or starting a home-based business, a major project can help you stay on the right track towards becoming partners for life. Just don’t be too serious about it. Find time to loosen up and enjoy the fact that you are working on something worthwhile.

7. Spice things up in the bedroom


It’s impossible to talk about intimacy if you can’t talk about having sex. Like everything else, sex can become monotonous to the point of becoming unenjoyable. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to satisfy your partner, but it becomes worthwhile when you are able to do something new in bed.

For this, you need to treat sex as an adventure where you can find new and exotic ways to deliver pleasure. If you want to live each other’s fantasies, consider dressing up as film characters, click here for VR porn to stimulate a threesome, or try out kinky toys. The key here is to enjoy sex in as many different ways as possible, so venture outside the ordinary and embrace experimentation.

8. Acknowledge each other’s contributions


It doesn’t take much to notice what your partner is doing. You can be so busy with the other things that are happening in your life, but you couldn’t pass off on seeing the littlest things your partner has been doing. From paying for movie tickets to preparing breakfast, there is a lot you can be thanking your partner for, so take time to express your gratitude and pay them something in return. A kiss on the cheek will suffice, but you can also go beyond that by arranging a dinner date or gifting your partner with something they really wanted to buy from Amazon.

9. Embrace your playful side


At most times, you will need to loosen up in order to truly enjoy each other’s company. You have spent the entire week putting on a serious face, so if there’s an opportunity to practice humor in your lives, you might as well take it. You can play a prank on your partner or show off your goofy side while doing household chores.

10. Show your support


Celebrating triumphs is not the only way to increase intimacy. Being a presence in whatever your partner is doing also shows your desire to be around them, especially when they are confronting a challenge. If you can’t be there to provide advice and encouragement, at least show your partner that you are cheering for them and that they are not alone in their fight. Show your partner how important they are by showing support from the background.

Keeping a relationship alive doesn’t require much apart from a sense of commitment, empathy, and passion. You just need to make time for your partner and be creative with the opportunities that are already available to you.

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