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Joseline Hernandez
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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2020 – The Story of a Humble Background

She has built herself into one of the most famous actresses, rappers and TV people on the USA stage. One of the best knowns of her appearances was in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta that was broadcast on VH1. She has been active there for six seasons.

Personal life

Joseline Hernandez
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She was born on the 3rd of November 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA. Her childhood has not been an easy one since she spent most of one in Puerto Rico in the public housing system. She lost her father when she was really young, and after this, she moved to Florida with her mother and five siblings. The family was poor, and there was no money for the most essential and necessary things. She was brought up by her mother named Carmen who later on remarried a man named Luis, who became her step-father.

Joseline Hernandez
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Joseline saw that she would need to take care of herself and make money for herself since her parents were not able to. So, she started to work when she was really, young, i.e. when she was sixteen. She started to work as a dancer and a stripper in various clubs.


We need to mention that she has had a very famous boyfriend at a time. Namely, she was in a long love relationship with Stevie J, who is very famous for winning the Grammy Award. However, we should mention that they never got married despite all those years they spent together. However, we should mention that Stevie J had and official girlfriend at that time, called Mini Faust, and his girlfriend was furious about Joseline and Stevie J’s relationship.


As we have said, she started to work as a dancer and stripper in Atlanta when she was only 16. This was the time she met Stevie J for the first time. This meeting was crucial for her career since Stevie J was a famous and recognized person in the world of music and he was the one who enabled her to make it in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which was broadcast on VH1.

The core of the show revolves around the love triangle that is composed of Stevie J, his official girlfriend, i.e. Mini Faust, and Joselie. The show was very popular, and every episode was watched by 3.5 million people on average. The show gave Joseline the opportunity to show herself and make her name, which she did. Namely, she appeared in several videos and spots due to her appearance in the VH1 series.

Some of her appearances were in the music videos, some of which include Body Party and me Deserve It by Ciara and others. We should also mention that she has made several of her songs, and, it should be also noted that several of those are in Spanish. Why? Well, we should mention that her native tongue is Spanish.

Another show

Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J
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She has been so good in the show we mentioned, that she was the main cast with Stevie J in another one called Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood. This show has been also very popular since 2.6 million people on average watched every episode.


Joseline Hernandez
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This was one of the most important years for her since she hosted her own TV show called Joseline. It portrayed her personal life including the birth of her child. She also had a regular appearance in the shod called The Real, which is a talk show in its essence. This show was dedicated to all young women and girls who were faced with hardships of real lives.

We need to mention that she became increasingly popular on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. When she realized the popularity and importance of social media, she started to have her own channel on YouTube.

Joseline Hernandez
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Net worth

All these TV appearances and works on musical career brought the new worth of 350K USD. We should also mention that she also has a promotional tour when she cashed in 20K per performance. We should also mention that her salary grew from 50K USD to 150K USD per episode in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

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