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Jenna Presley is an American ex-porn star. She is one of the most famous pornographic actresses in the United States and beyond, known for hundreds of roles in the porn industry that made her rich and famous. Jenna quit the industry in 2012, after which she became an American minister at the Cornerstone Church, San Diego



Jenna Presley was born on April 1st, 1987 in Chula Vista, California, under name Brittni De La Mora (Ruiz). She took the name Jenna Presley once she started her career in the porno industry. Presley attended Santa Barbra City College briefly after she graduated with honors back in 2005 from Hilltop Highschool. She started to work at a strip club during weekends when she was still underage, in Tijuana, Mexico. While she was attending Santa Barbra City College, Presley was studying journalism and broadcasting.


She worked as a telemarketer as well. During her college days, she was working at a strip bar in Santa Barbra where she was spotted by an agent who offered her a role in a “romantic movie”, which is how Jenna Presley started her long and well-known career as a pornography actress.

In her first month on set, Jenna even has gotten gonorrhea, however, that didn’t prevent her from pursuing a career in the industry further from that point. During her career and before she quit the business in 2012, Jenna Presley was credited for 275 adult movies that brought her around half a million dollars per year. Jenna officially started her career as a porno actress in 2005, once she turned 18.


Jenna battled anorexia in her minor days when she was working as a stripper on weekends in Tijuana and later on in Santa Barbra. She was dealing with her illness for three years. Presley struggled with losing weight even afterward, wanting to keep her career afloat.

Due to her concerns about her weight, she developed an addiction to various drugs, while she used heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, oxycontin, and ecstasy. Jenna claims that she lost track of how many movies she had made while in the industry, considering that there are nearly 400 movies she starred in. In 2008, Jenna’s grandparents took her to their church where Jenna received Christianity.

Four years after, she left the porn industry and became the minister of the XXX Church that goes under the motto “God loves porn stars”. Jenna stated in some of her interviews that she wanted to quit the industry early on, however, she couldn’t do it by herself until she found God. She claims that she spent most of her money on the heavy illegal substance addiction she had before joining the church. In 2013, Jenna discussed a book deal where she planned on going public and in detail on her life and drug addiction, as well as how she found God and left the industry. Jenna Presley and her husband as of 2016, wrote two books together.

Net worth


According to public records, Jenna Presley’s net worth is set around 3 million dollars. During her career, Jenna was making around 40,000$ a month, and nearly 500,000$ a year. She confessed spending thousands of dollars on her drug addiction while struggling with paying her rent during her time in the industry. Jenna had a major change of ways when she found God. As she claims, she planned on leaving the industry before, but she couldn’t have done it alone due to her drug addiction.


Jenna Presley as Brittni De La Mora is now working as a real estate agent after quitting the adult industry and becoming a minister and the new face of the XXX Church where she met her husband Richard De La Mora. Jenna Presley lives in Santa Barbra with her husband and pastor of the XXX Church, Richard De la Mora. The value of their house is not known to public records.


During her career in the adult movie industry, Presley was engaged to be married twice. One of her fiancées was murdered by a motorcycle gang with Jenna as a witness, as her fiancée at the time represented a rival to the gang. According to the public records, Jenna Presley was in a relationship twice.

One of these relationships was with Dave Navaro, an American musician whom she dated from 2005 to 2007. She dated Jim Finn, an American footballer after her relationship with Navaro, in 2008. Jenna got married in 2016, taking the name De La Mora after marrying the pastor of her church, Richard De La Mora. The pastor and Presley’s husband claims that he is proud of the transformation that Jenna made after she joined the church and turned to Christianity.


During her career in the porno industry, Jenna Presley was named as one of the top 12 hottest porn stars in 2010 by Maxim. According to Complex, she was named the 17th of 100 hottest porn stars in 2011. In 2006, only a year after she started filming as a pornography actress, Jenna won the award for the Best New Starlet as voted and chosen by fans at the event called Night Moves Award. She is credited in 275 porn movies, however, Presley claims that she filmed over 400 movies in her career as a porn actress.

Starting out in a stripper club on weekends and ending up as one of the hottest actresses in the porn industry, Jenna had a major change of lifestyle in December 2012 when she was heading to her last shot in Las Vegas. Jenna claims to have brought a Bible with herself, reading Genesis on her way to Las Vegas. That was the time when she decided that the scene she was about to film, would be her last. After getting married in 2016 to her pastor Richard De La Mora, Jenna and her husband co-wrote a book called “Fire and Fresh”. The book contains advice on how to keep a relationship alive and passionate. She is working as a real estate agent aside from being the new face of the Triple X Church.

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