6 Interesting Facts About World of Warcraft You Didn’t Know

WoW, or World of Warcraft is an exceptionally popular MMORPG that was released in 2004, after the success of Warcraft III and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. This is a game that, since it was released, managed to attract literally millions of players throughout the years. All of the elements in this game can be counted in millions like millions of heroes created, millions of quests completed, and billions of hours spent in playing this game. Over time, this game became the most popular game in the world. In some capacity, we can say that WoW is a pioneer among MMORPG. We can say that there is almost no person in the world that hasn’t heard at least one thing about this video game.

It became so popular that people were ready to pay serious money to buy a hero that is already at a maximum level. This is how some people made serious money over time. Moreover, players had the option of buying gold that they could spend in the game on buying special items. If you are interested to take a look at how this is done, you can check It can be said that this became more than just a game really. With the size of this game in mind, it is almost impossible to presume that there is no significant story and trivia behind it. This is why we’ve decided to provide you with some interesting facts about this game you probably didn’t have the knowledge of. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, let us begin.

Playing WoW Improves Cognitive Skills


According to the research conducted by North Carolina University, playing WoW can provide a significant improvement among seniors. The research was done on a group of people between 60 and 77 age. They were tested for their cognitive skills and then they were allowed to play the game for 15 days at home. After that, they were tested once again. The results were exceptional since tests showed that their cognitive skills showed a serious increase during this time. The researches witnessed a massive increase in cases where people had pretty bad scores. It’s time to provide your grandparents with a subscription for this game, immediately.

Azeroth Size


As you are probably perfectly aware of, the game of WoW is set in the world known as Azeroth. This is the world that previously appeared in all of the Warcraft games, which are the source for this MMORPG. If we were to, let’s say, translate Azeroth into the real world, its size would be 207 squared kilometers or 80 miles. It can be said that this is the most popular 80 miles in the world, even though it is fictional. This world is the source of a lot of fun. Certainly, we don’t know any other 80 miles as entertaining as this one.

The Most and The Least Popular Class


According to the report done by Blizzard itself, we can see that the Hunter class is the most popular one by far. 11.3% of US players and 10.5% of EU players choose this class for their character. The second most popular class among the players is Druid, due to 9.7% US and 9.5% EU players choosing it. The third one was a Paladin class, with 9.7% US and 9.9% EU players. When it comes to the least popular classes among the players, we can see Shaman, Monk, and Demon Hunter. The shaman was chosen by 7.5% EU and 7.2% US players, Monk 6.4% of both EU and US players, and Demon Hunter with just 5.2% of EU and 5% of US players.

Girls and WoW


It was always interesting to witness the female gamer since they are not so common as the male ones. However, the Daedalus Project conducted a survey that talked with more than a thousand female players of WoW about the types of characters they create or choose. The results were pretty interesting since female players choose attractive characters most of the time. The final outcome was like this, female players choose attractive characters 64.4%, average characters 32.7%, and hideous 2.8%. This is slightly different from male players who choose attractive characters 43.1%, average 49.1%, hideous 7.7%. It seems like the team of developers started to fulfill the wishes of their female players by creating a plethora of handsome characters for them to play within the last couple of years.

How Many Code Lines Were Needed?


As you can presume, creating a video game this big surely requires a lot of time and resources. One of the things that really impressed us is that WoW took around 5.5 million lines of code to make to what it is today. This was all done by a team of 150 developers. Just think about it and do the calculation who many lines of code were done by one person and you will see that this is pretty impressive. This is a fact that was revealed to the public by Frank Pearce, who is a co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. Moreover, the team who worked on designing this game had 51 artists who worked on more than a million unique items and other types of assets. Another impressive information is that the game has more than 40,000 unplayable characters.

Lovecraft as an Inspiration


After we’ve witnessed this, we can conclude that the creators of WoW are massive fans of H.P. Lovecraft. We can see a plethora of different echoes and references to the popular writer. The thing that stands out is that the names of characters from Lovecraft’s novels were given to the old gods in the World of Warcraft franchise. Also, the giant eye that appears in the game is called C’thun, which is an obvious reference to the monster called Cthulhu. Not only that, but we could also see that developers and designers took a major inspiration for designing the streets of the cities and dungeons from the popular writer. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the name of the game itself is a little nod to the great writer. They’ve just removed love and inserted war to create the name Warcraft.

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