10 Ways to Instantly Look Stylish

Stylish does not always equate to expensive. Having a few basic high-quality pieces that you can mix and match will be enough to create numerous ensembles that will make you look instantly fashionable. You will be amazed at how a simple twist or change in your outfit can make a huge difference in your look. Here are some helpful tips that will help you achieve that.

1. Style with jewelry


Even the simplest outfit will turn instantly chic with the right choice of jewelry. A piece of jewelry can serve as the focal point of your overall look. Choose one when you want to go bold or another when you want to go subtle. For instance, if you wear a big chunk of necklace, wear a pair of stud earrings, or go bare on that part. Artisan jewelry pieces like the ones you will find at are also stylish, and they are sure to attract attention. These pieces are handmade, so you can be sure that they are unique, detailed, and high-quality.

2. Go for monochrome


If you’re having difficulties deciding what to wear for the day, an easy way to come with fabulous attire is to wear the same color of items from top to bottom. Get a similar color for your top, bottom, shoes, and accessories, and you will pass to walk on the runway. For example, you may decide to go blue, red, black, or white for your entire ensemble.

3. Wear a matching top and bottom


If going monochrome is too much for you, wear a matching top and bottom instead. Choose plain-colored or printed clothes, whichever you prefer, as long as they are matching. Pair it with shoes that come in a different color other than that of the outfit. If your clothes are neutral in color, you can go bold with your shoes, or vice versa. Using bold colors on both the clothes and shoes will also work, as long as you are confident to wear the complete ensemble.

4. Top it with a blazer


A blazer is a quick and sure way to level up your style. Even a simple t-shirt and jeans will instantly look posh if you throw a blazer on top of it. This is one of the pieces that you must invest in. Get a good-quality blazer in white or black so that it can work on any outfit. It’s also convenient, as you can easily convert your look from casual to semi-formal with its use. For example, a nice casual dress that you wear to the mall can be the same one you wear for a formal dinner if you wear a nice blazer on top of it. You may also change your shoes from sneakers or sandal shoes to a pair of high-heels.

5. Layer up


Wear a sweater, jacket, or vest on top of your outfit, and you will look like a model. It is also an excellent way to keep yourself warm. During the winter season, layer upon layer of clothing will give you that stylish vibe.

6. Play with texture


Fabrics come in different textures like light, heavy, sheer, opaque, smooth, rough, stiff, soft, dull, and shiny. Mixing and matching do not only pertain to the colors of the clothes you wear but the texture too. Play with the texture of your outfit and instantly be in style. Mix a plain top with shiny pants or a stiff top with a soft and flowy skirt. The possibilities are endless, so don’t limit yourself. The contrast will add excitement to your outfit and give you that fashionable aura.

7. Wear a black dress


When in doubt, go for a black dress. Wear a mini, knee-length, or long black dress, whichever suits your mood. A black dress looks elegant, so you can be sure that you will look your best in it. Another good thing about it is that you can pair it with any accessories. If you are a beginner in matching jewelry, bag, or shoes with your dress, everything will work with it. A white dress will give the same result, although you might not want to wear it at a wedding to avoid stealing the spotlight from the bride.

8. Use a hat or a pair of sunglasses


Using the right accessories is an easy way to make your style better. Besides jewelry, other options are hats and sunglasses. There are different kinds of hats available, so choose which will be the best for the look you are after. For instance, a baseball hat or a vizor is ideal if you are after a sporty or casual look. A fedora, cowboy, or bowler hat is your choice for a chic feel.

A pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun during the day. It is also a simple way to get your style a notch higher. There are different styles, shapes, and colors of sunglasses available. Choose one that will match your outfit and will also complement the shape of your face. An angled pair of sunglasses will look well if your face is round, while round sunglasses are for those with a heart shape or angular face.

9. Wear a scarf


A scarf on your neck is also an instant style hack. You can wear it with a casual or formal ensemble, whether day or night. There is no way that you can go wrong with an added scarf with your outfit. These scarves are available in different patterns, colors, and designs. There are also different ways to tie them, such as tying them in a simple knot, creating a ribbon, or making a flower.

10. Knot or tuck


Your simple top will look stylish, sexy, and chic by tying it into a knot. Tuck your top in completely if wearing with a high-waisted bottom. However, if it’s mid-waist or low-rise, a stylish way to tuck it in is to tuck only the middle part and let the rest go untuck.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your outfit. The tips above will serve as your guide, but the most crucial factor to being stylish is confidence. No matter what you wear, you will look fashionable if you are confident in carrying yourself.

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