Inpatient Treatment Program and Its Features: When Should You Apply for It?

There are several treatment programs that one can have in order to deal with their drug addiction. Since we know that drug addiction has many levels, and all of these levels have different kinds of treatments addressed to each of them, we can know who can get the outpatient treatment program and who can get the inpatient treatment program assigned to themselves by the doctor who will check them up.

Oftentimes, there are some changes to the treatment that occur. For example, sometimes, a person who was assigned the outpatient treatment program, does not get the required result that was expected of the medical professionals so they have to switch it up to a better and more intense form of treatment in the form of inpatient treatment program, and this treatment has a very high chance of recovery from drug addiction or any other kind of mental illness etc.

Inpatient treatment program by PinnacleRecovery can be done in any residential area aside from the clinic, which is the default state of the treatment, it can happen in a residential area such as your house or any suburban secluded environment. There are special residential areas that are made for the treatment of inpatient treatment programs.

Therefore, inpatient treatment has a high chance of success mainly because of the fact that the treatment happens away from the place that the patient is comfortable with and where they can get drugs easily and keep relapsing due to constant triggers.

Importance of inpatient treatment program


Inpatient treatment program is deemed important for many reasons, the main reason is the fact that it has the highest chances of recovery from drug addiction. The other reasons are more stats oriented. No one wants children to be subjected to an adult suffering from drug addiction, especially the severe kind, so having an inpatient treatment program ends that issue because 9% children out of all the addiction cases, live around family members that are drug addicts. So, you can imagine how devastating that can be but luckily, people that get an inpatient recovery program for their drug addiction can save their kids from ever seeing such a low point in their life and be influenced by it.

On a global scale, 35% of people are suffering from these horrific conditions, because of 35%, only 7% people get to have treatments done on them all because of not being aware of a special form of treatment such as an inpatient treatment program. When you are not aware of your options, you won’t be able to get treatment done for yourself.

Maybe if they had done the inpatient treatment program, they might have gotten some recovery done for themselves, because not everyone can heal from the outpatient treatment program and not everyone, most definitely, not everyone can self-treat themselves as it only makes matters worse.

Another report says that 34% people that first do an outpatient treatment program tend to go back to relapsing and this number is reduced by 29% once these same patients are put into a residential facility to treat themselves. This showcases that the inpatient treatment program is truly valuable and important for making sure that there is no disruption in the family as well as the treatments for various patients.

Features of inpatient treatment program

Many people cannot understand the difference between inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment program, some are hesitant on going into inpatient treatment program because they feel as if they will be surrounded by white walls, in a white one-piece dress, and electrocuted by nurses on a daily basis, but that is all false, and is only shown in movies for dramatic reasons, this was never practiced on an official level. To combat these false notions, one should be aware of inpatient rehab treatment program features to better understand if this treatment program is for you or not. The following are the features of inpatient rehab program offered by reputable clinics:

Safe and secure environment is given in an inpatient rehab program


Safety is paramount in an inpatient treatment program. The whole reason for admitting the patient into a rehab facility is to make them stay away from the environment that they used to live in. This is the same environment that made these people go into drug addiction and keep doing drugs to the point they eventually got severely addicted to it. But when they will be in this environment, they will not be able to be around these things that previously affected them to the point of getting severely addicted.

Furthermore, the patient will be able to be around professional medical staff such as doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. All these personnel will be able to be there for the patient in times when they are about to relapse. This wouldn’t have been possible in an outpatient treatment program at all.

Privacy is 100% guaranteed in an inpatient program

Many people are not getting their privacy when they choose the outpatient rehab treatment program. Because in an outpatient rehab treatment program, the patient has to go home or go to work, and there is a high chance they might experience a trigger at some point. But in an inpatient treatment program, these triggers are subsided and privacy is given so that no one is aware that the patient is getting treatment at all. Because when people know that the patient is getting treatment, they might make some remarks that can degrade the patient’s motivation a lot.

Aftercare services are offered in an inpatient rehab program


The point of aftercare services is that, once the treatment is finished, the patient can work on various issues that are still not 100% cured properly, for example, they might have a problem with a certain trigger which they cannot cope with, so in the aftercare program, they will be able to fully master that trigger and its effect on them so that it does not bother them at all.

Final words

There are many people in the world that are not able to cure themselves off of their addiction, these people require a change in environment. Once the environment is changed and they are put into an inpatient rehab program, they see an improvement. If you are in the same predicament, then get an inpatient rehab treatment program.

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