Top Tips on How to Promote Landing

The structure of the site is a crucial technical tool in terms of SEO. The importance of site structure is difficult to overestimate. This is the most important and the first thing to do. Therefore, during the development of the site, it is necessary to analyze the location of each section, and subdivision to do everything correctly. Improper construction of the site structure significantly complicates the promotion of users on the site.

What Is the Structure of the Site, and What Is Its Importance?


The structure of a site is the logical relationship of its various pages, with the preservation of a certain hierarchy.

To put it simply, the structure of the site can be compared to a supermarket, where each product is in the appropriate department (milk in the dairy department, fish – in the fish department). If you do not find the product where it should be, it will be inconvenient for you, and you will not come to this supermarket. Similarly, with the structure. If the user finds it difficult and incomprehensible on your site, he will go to your competitors. So, we can draw the following conclusion.

Although the landing page is a site, the approach to its SEO promotion has its peculiarities. Therefore, it is impossible to apply only the general rules of optimization when SEO promoting of landings.

Landing is one page, so you can’t increase its weight by increasing internal links. To promote landing in organic Google, you need to choose the right key phrases in your niche and focus on external links. To get more detailed data you can use

So, let’s take a closer look at the main stages in the promotion of landing in search engines.

Semantic Core


Assemble a small but well-focused semantic core so that the content and purpose of the landing site match it as closely as possible. It makes no sense to include high-frequency queries, as high competition for them will most likely not allow you to reach the top. Choose accurate midrange queries and keywords for 3-5 words with a small search volume.

Be sure to cluster the semantic core and be sure to check your keywords for compliance with the business strategy and presentation of the products or services on the page. Since landings often have a commercial component, all keywords must match them.

Page Content


Landing should bring the maximum number of sales, and for this purpose, it is created. Therefore, some elements of standard optimization and promotion will have to be abandoned. However, the analysis of competitors should be conducted in the same way and on the same factors as for a regular site with many pages.

It should be understood that the text content on the landing needs to be optimized throughout the page. Note that keywords should be evenly distributed across the page. Don’t just try to stuff the bottom of your text content with high-concentration keywords.

Meta Tags


For quality indexing and high ranking in search results, it is necessary to optimize for search queries meta tags title, description, and h1. For SEO, these meta tags are most important when optimizing, especially for Google.

In addition, the attractiveness of the snippet of your landing page in the search engine is very important. Design the title and description tags so that the user wants to click on your link (title or snippet) in the search results. Use the main search query and calls to action.

Local Search Optimization


It is very important to understand that it will be difficult or even impossible to compete across the country. Because landing is a commercial site, it must have a service or supply region. Be sure to emphasize the location of the landing page in the footer: index, country, region, city, district, and address.

Add your business to Google My Business, describe your services in detail, and link to your landing page. The list of directories and local online directories for profile design and link placement can be expanded depending on the niche and region.

FAQ Block for Google

If you’re promoting your landing on Google, creating a FAQ section will be a great way to enhance your SEO. It will help provide answers to all questions of potential customers or buyers. In addition, quick answers to popular questions can bring your page to the forefront of Google’s advanced snippets. To do this, in the FAQ section, you need to configure a micro-markup of the same type.

Is It Possible to Bring the Landing to the Top?

The short answer is yes. But it is much more complicated than a site with at least a few pages or an extended resource with a blog. It is necessary to be engaged in SEO optimization and promotion of landings not only for organic search but also for paid. If your landing page content is optimized for targeted search queries, you will be more likely to reach the top of Google Ads if you use contextual advertising.

If you are only aiming to advance in Google’s organic search, you need to understand the features of landing and its disadvantages for SEO. For a successful project, you should consider all the factors when optimizing. As practice shows, it is possible to promote landing, but it requires time, knowledge, and resources.

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