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How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps 2024

The high competition of the market, the economic crisis, and the recession faced by the country led to a great increase in the number of layoffs and, consequently, of unemployed. Qualified professionals with training, specialization, and experience claim that opportunities are lacking, while people looking for their first job report that there is a shortage of offers. In other words, the number of individuals with difficulties to enter or re-enter the labor market is increasing.

In view of this scenario, job seekers need to find alternatives to reverse this complicated situation. One of the ways that have been most efficient to do this is through social networks like LinkedIn, which offer excellent space, not only for the interaction between friends and family, in addition to sharing moments and photos of a person’s life, but also to find vacancies that match the worker’s profile.

It is with this in mind that today I will share with you excellent tips for you to upgrade your LinkedIn profile and increase your chances of being hired for your next job.

LinkedIn is a social network that offers many career opportunities. Explore and strengthen your personal brand so that other industry professionals can find you.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and your photo on LinkedIn can tell you all about yourself.

Do not limit your experience to a summary of your professional career; all details will be important if you are interested in your profile.

The use of LinkedIn groups can help you a lot; it works as a means to share the news, industry news, etc.

The most important thing in all social networks is to find balance, to be genuine without leaving your essence aside.

But, out of ignorance, many of the people who created a profile on LinkedIn are limited to publishing their academic training and professional experience, when there are many steps that someone can take to stand out and attract the attention of employers.One of these methods is scraping. It refers to a technique that automates the collection of all information on a LinkedIn profile.

Although it’s usually used by businesses to find leads, scraping can be useful when improving your profile as well. You can use certain scraping tools to obtain information from other LinkedIn members that will guide you through creating an appealing profile. If you’re looking for LinkedIn scrapers, there are many options to choose from online. For more details check EarthWeb or other reliable sites.

Today, LinkedIn mainly serves us to be in contact with professionals of all types; however, it is one of the social networks that we least dare to risk. How can we get the most out of LinkedIn?

1. Your photo … It doesn’t fit anyone!

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Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, that your photo on LinkedIn can say everything about you, so don’t forget, before posting it on your LinkedIn profile, make sure that the image you are transmitting it’s professional. A sharp, well-lit photo with a centered face. Remember that having a photo on LinkedIn is absolutely necessary. You can make a great first impression with your profile photo. For instance, if the image you use is of high-quality with your face in the center, prospective employers will perceive you as a reliable and trustworthy professional. The same goes for when you show up for a job interview. When you’re dressed properly, you show employers that you’re confident and ready. Without photography, your profile will never be 100% complete, and therefore, neither your searches will be as effective, nor will your profile appear in all search results. You need a professional service, and in case you live in London, you can check By hiring an expert photographer, you can ensure your profile photo will be the best representation of yourself.

2. Include keywords in your profile

Keywords on the LinkedIn matter a lot. Most users use them in the presentation title, but being just a 100-word description, we need to know how to optimize them to get the most out of profile searches. How should we put keywords in a profile? Before you start, you should know what are the keywords of your profession, so think about which or which are the words that best define you at a professional level.

Once you’ve determined the keywords for your LinkedIn profile, strategically use them in your description. Although you can place the keywords anywhere in your profile, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for search engine ranking if you put the keywords in the Summary and Work Experience part.

3. Keep each of the contents that describe it separately

To better organize your “resume” on LinkedIn, be sure to separate all the information and structure it correctly. To do this, differentiate correctly what is experience, your projects, languages, skills and validations, education, and additional information.

4. Customize each email you send

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Create a personalized message for each person you contact. The message that LinkedIn creates by default may imply that you don’t have time to send a personal request, that you don’t care much, or even worse … Let it be SPAM! Keep in mind that no one likes to receive messages through LinkedIn’s private courier service with information on an unsolicited matter. So be very careful with that message and tell the person why you want to connect with them and have them in your network.

5. Customize your profile URL

By default, the LinkedIn URL is full of numbers or carries a code. Change now. It is useful to customize it because it not only positions you better on the LinkedIn search engine, but it also looks much more professional.

6. Groups, what are they for?

Just start looking for groups related to your professional sector and start participating actively to get new contacts that may interest you related to your professional profile. A professional group will help our name to start to be heard among professionals in that sector, we will gain more contacts and visibility and, most importantly, create synergies with other people who have the same interests. Remember that you can follow up to a total of 50 groups.

7. Create your own network of contacts

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Do not add by adding. Gradually add people to your professional profile. Having a solid number of contacts will allow you to gain visibility and connect with more people. In order not to saturate and send meaningless messages, in the first stage, send invitations to the people you know (coworkers, industry acquaintances, etc.). And little by little, watch your network grow.

8. Publish and share

Publications are the first thing we see when we sign in to LinkedIn and, even above groups, it’s the best way to be active, especially for the contacts you’ve already made.

Write and share valuable content that reflects your way of thinking, what attracts you, and your knowledge. Without ever losing sight of your audience, who have to feel that it is worth continuing among your contacts. Achieving this will favor that your publications are recommended and shared, and that, therefore, your profile reaches more people. As a result, you will generate more leads and referrals.

A word of advice: no one likes to read unfavorable reviews, bad news, or negative comments. So if you make criticisms or comments, at least be constructive.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular ways of connecting to people. Hence, if you’re looking for a job, you need to have the best LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers. To create a suitable profile, keep the information mentioned above in mind. Klean Leads is an incredible tool in any agency or freelancer’s arsenal

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