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How To Have More Likes On Instagram in 2024 – Top 9 Tips

Instagram expansion is constantly growing. Day by day, the number of users increases, as do the likes of the photos they post. This may not be the purpose of Instagram. However, the enviable number of likes impresses you, and your fans are much happier. Over time, Instagram is increasingly occupying every moment of your life. All of a sudden you see yourself in front of the mirror posing for hours and changing outfits to delight other Instagram addicts. For getting a lot of likes, these are the advice on how to reach that destination easily but successfully.

Here are a few tricks that will make your use of Instagram easier and much more fun…

1. Become a Hashtag Master

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Most people add a few hashtags to the photos they post on Instagram. However, there are a few tricks you can use to do this like a true pro. First of all, try using emoticons in hashtags, as this is currently a worldwide trend. You can add hash words to the original description or comment of a photo. You can also post your personal hashtags as comments on yours as well as other users’ photos.

2. Use Instagram To Refine Your Photos

If you’ve ever wanted to use Instagram filters without posting a photo, this is the trick for you. You need to turn on “the airplane mode” on your phone, and then you can edit the pictures as you like. Give Instagram a command to upload photos. Since you are not connected to the internet, this will not be possible. However, the processed photo will remain on your phone.

3. Observe The Angle From Which You Are Taking Photos

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If you only take photos of your face, your camera should be no closer than 25-30 centimeters. But if you want to highlight the whole figure in the photo, take a picture from the other angle. Try to look thinner and taller. If the picture is a group one, it’s not advisable to be somewhere at the end. That way, your body usually isn’t sufficiently shown. Therefore you’ll probably look chubbier than you are.

4. If You Want More Likes – Like Other People’s Photos As Well

Everyone on Instagram more or less follows what others are doing. Comments and Likes are shared massively on a daily basis. So don’t be selfish. Like and comment on the photos of your followers. That way you will receive positive feedback yourself.

5. Buy Likes

Whoever said “Money can’t buy you friends” obviously hasn’t been on social media lately. Buying likes become almost epidemic. The reason is simple. The engagement is important, and likes are crucial to Instagram success. According to, buying likes is also an ideal solution for those who don’t have the time to build their Instagram presence. Even many well-known brands use this shortcut to get a quick boost in engagement.

6. Remove Geotags From Photos

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By default, the photos you upload to Instagram come with a geotag. The geotag shows where your photos were taken. You can easily change this. Open “Photo Map” and permanently remove photos from the map.

7. Remove Yourself From Tagged Photos

To do this, you need to open your profile. Then click on the silhouette button of the person to the right. Here you’ll find all the photos you are tagged in. You can click on them and choose whether to remove the tag completely or not.

8. Add Your Website Address Or Profile On Instagram

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You can enter the address in the location field of your photo and it will appear below your name with that photo.

9. Trim-Up Your Biography

Do you know how people get line spacing and other things in the biography? This trick requires you to write the text in Word or another text editor. Then copy and paste it to Instagram.

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