How Many Times a Year Should You Deep Clean Your Office

Office spaces are our second home. These days work is more important than ever. Working and earning are the core of our society, and spending time in an office sometimes means that you have little time for anything else. To be a good earner one needs to spend the majority of his time in the office. In most cases companies these days hire dozens and more people. In some cases, we are talking about hundreds. Office spaces are often crowded and they get quite dirty with time. Hygiene matters especially in spaces where many people work together.

Just a while ago all of us witnessed COVID-19. It puts cleaning into a different perspective. We bet that you are the same as us cleaning your desk every day together with your smartphone, computer, and keyboard. Soon enough we were working from home, and our offices were forgotten in no time. Now, life is coming back to normal, and working remotely is no more. Offices are once again live, and people are working together as they used to. The thing that remained the same is the need to have everything neat.

Both employers and employees now insist on having everything cleaned up to the highest standards. But, just how many times a year should you deep clean your office? This is a fine question, and it is the one that we are going to try and answer for you. Everyone who believes that workspaces need to be up to some standard of hygiene asked themselves this question. Deep cleaning takes some time, so it is no wonder it can’t be conducted frequently without influencing the work environment. So, how should you approach this matter? Let’s see.

What is Deep Cleaning?


Most bigger companies have people in charge of hygiene. The standard cleaning occurs each day, and if you have worked long enough at the same place you probably came into contact with your janitor. They do the lifting on a regular basis. But, we could call this superficial type of cleaning. The deep cleaning process is a bit of a complicated matter. It is a thorough process that takes up a lot of time. One janitor can’t do all the work. No, in the case you opt for deep clean working with a separate entity is necessary, and a company that excels in this field. If you’re already seeking pros for the job you can find them if you click here.

If you hire professionals for the job you can expect a cleaning which is an approach that goes far and beyond standard cleaning. You’ll be able to tell the difference from the get-go. Just some of the aspects that this type of a clean has over regular one include handling smaller appliances such as handles, switches, and even light bulbs. Furthermore, it will put a lot of attention to floors and especially carpets if you have them in your office. Vacuuming is not restricted only to the floors but will also cover the drapes, blinds, and windowsills.

Also, it will try to cover everything in the office including the hard approachable areas which hide behind appliances, refrigerators, printers, and any other furniture in the working environment. It will move any piece of furniture on the spot which isn’t permanently tied to a location. Most offices that hire many people tend to have kitchens and bathrooms. All of them are used by dozens of people each day. This process will turn kitchens and toilets upside down looking to sanitize every inch of these rooms. Don’t worry, vents and ledges will also not be forgotten. Deep cleaning services take big pride in the fact they are going to cover every corner and every hole with their approach. Also, all appliances used both for work and recreation are going to be handled by a professional company in the domain of cleaning.

This is not something that a janitor you have in your company can handle.

How Often is Deep Cleaning Necessary?


This is not a question that has a straightforward answer. First of all, it depends on how many people you have working in your office, and how big the space is. Of course, bigger spaces require more time to be cleaned, and sometimes it is not possible to put your work on hold for a deep cleaning session. But, even if at times it can be inconvenient it is best to do this at least once a year.

This is the bare minimum. If you own a smaller business you can clean your space this way every three to four months, or as the people of the business world would put it – quarterly.

The approach that most companies take on is to have their offices cleaned two times a year. Once before the summer season, and the second time just before the winter. But, as we said, it all depends on the number of people you have hired, and the size of the space you occupy. Besides, you can have it cleaned for some special occasion in addition to the regular sessions. In most cases, the deep clean occurs when you are going to have business partners up for a visit, or after a corporate party is held at the premises. In one case you want people impressed by the hygiene of your office, and in the second one, it is all about cleaning up the mess and getting the space ready for work endeavors once again.

While having this duty done on schedule is fine, it is not something that needs to be done when it’s scheduled. This type of cleaning needs to be done whenever you see that your office is getting too dirty. If you have the luxury and means you can clean it deeply every month. It all comes down to your preferences. You have employers who do not pay any attention to this matter and they rely on their in-office cleaning department. While janitors’ work is to be respected and cherished, nothing can replace professional deep cleaning services that truly make a difference to how your office appears and feels.

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