Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance Voiceover Actors

In this day and age, it is easier than ever before to hire a voiceover actor. Now, reaching an actual celebrity and hiring them might be hard and expensive. But there are also semi-professional freelancers on the internet, waiting patiently for the opportunity to work. They can be used in a variety of ways. Do you need someone for a podcast? To voice an instructional video or to make an answering machine message? Or maybe you are making a commercial, video game, or maybe animation? The list goes on, and voice actors are needed in all of these activities. Some might think they can voice anything that is needed themselves. But that is rarely a road that leads to success. So if you are already ready to find some freelance voiceover actor, simply check out voix off master.However, if you are still curious about what are the pros and cons of hiring freelancers. Let us make everything more clear to you.

1. Google might notice you


Let’s say you have a product or service that needs to be sold. There are marketing benefits of having an audio commercial or instructional videos. The reason is how Google works. The more diverse is your marketing portfolio, the bigger the odds of Google finding out about it and putting it on its pages. Reaching page number one is not an easy task, but having a video with a good freelancer voice actor is a good start. And doing everything in our power is often necessary if we want to succeed in modern business.

2. Voices might be memorable


Some may think that radio is a thing of the past or that podcasts are not that popular. They would be wrong. A catchy commercial is still one of the most desired goals that marketing experts want. We all know it to be true, but making a good commercial is not easy. Hiring a talented actor might prove pivotal in your success. But while this is a step in the right direction, it is hardly a perfect choice. Most memorable commercials tend to have big celebrities in them, so we might think that having some unknown might hurt our chances. But that just leads us to our next point.

3. Celebrities and professional voice actors


Using celebrities or more established actors, in general, might seem like a good idea. But while there are certainly some advantages of making this creative choice over freelance actors, there are also some drawbacks. One is money, but that one is obvious. Another is that famous people representing your message might be risky. They could distract from the product or service we are selling. But even more important, they might not represent our customers perfectly. It doesn’t take much to offend these days, and anyone who is a recognizable name can bring both good and bad publicity. It is up to you is that worth the risk.

4. Keeping customers attention


The attention span of people in modern times have never been lower. Maybe we have an internet site that our clients need to use. If their attention is not grabbed fast, they will leave the site faster than anyone might imagine. We are talking about seconds here. But if there is a video that they can see right away, and that video has a good voice actor, it is a different story. Everyone would be amazed at how long people will stay on a website with a good video. We are talking about going from mere seconds to several minutes. That is a benefit no one can afford to miss.

5. Affordability


Affordability is an obvious pro of hiring a freelance voiceover actor. But at the same time, it is a con. Essentially, a sword with two edges. What is good? For a reasonable price, we can find someone with a lot of passion and talent. It gets even better if you have time to really search for the perfect one. A lot of famous professionals started like this, on some website trying to land their first job. If you hire someone completely new, the price will be almost as cheap as if you gave voices yourself. Naturally, some freelancers with more experience will be more expensive, but they will be a much less risky investment. So what is bad about it? Well, for starters, the vast majority of new actors will be inadequate. That drives us to our next point.

6. It is always a risk to hire someone unknown


There are many potential problems that might occur when hiring someone unknown. Of course, you will hear how they sound before hiring itself happens. But hearing their promo video and how they might read the script we give them might be two completely different stories. We are not in Hollywood. There will be no hundreds of new takes until everything is perfect. What we get is what we paid. If we want another try, it will cost more. So let us say you gave someone new a chance, he fails miserably. Now you need to find someone new and pay them. In the end, this is the one and main flaw of freelancer voiceover actors. There is a needle in that haystack that will be the next big star. If you get him, you will profit immensely. Then there are a lot of more experienced voice actors that can do a mediocre job. Quite often, that is enough. But there are also a lot of them that will utterly disappoint you. That is simply a risk you have to take.

So as we saw, there is no simple answer to this question. Hiring a voiceover actor is generally an excellent idea. There are several benefits anyone could reap from that decision. But that doesn’t mean that this is a shortcut to profit. Finding and hiring the right person might prove a difficult endeavor. But if you are willing to try and think you have a good ear for finding a talented voice actor, this is the way.

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