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Reasons Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is the Right Move – 2024 Tips

The moment you are injured, your life changes forever. Depending on the type of injury you sustain, you may face surgery, physical therapy, time away from work, loss of income, disfigurement and temporary or permanent loss of quality of life.

The last thing you need on top of the injury you are now dealing with is to run into trouble getting medical claims paid or comensation for your losses.

Yet our current insurance-run economy is set up to provide exactly that. Insurance is something we purchase to protect us but when we need it most it often fails us. There can be all kinds of red tape to sort through and insurance companies are adept at using loopholes to deny coverage.

And what about the times when the responsible party in your injury doesn’t even have insurance? What recourse do you have in these all-too-common conditions?

These are just a few of the reasons why it is so vital to hire a personal injury lawyer to advocate on your behalf. You are already injured and healing is your number one full-time job. You need someone to go to bat for you while you get well again. You can learn more here about what makes a good PI attorney.

1. Your personal injury attorney knows what the law says about what kind of compensation you can ask for in a personal injury case

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Did you know that in a personal injury case, you are entitled to recover damages for everything you have lost? This includes lost time, lost wages, lost mobility, medical expenses, lost future ability to earn income and pain and suffering.

The truth is, suffering a personal injury can deeply change the course of your life, and often not for the better.

You may be finding it hard to even fathom how your life is changing because you have been injured. But that is what your personal injury lawyer is there for. As advocate on your behalf, your lawyer can help you project your losses and identify the level of compensation that will truly reflect what you have endured.

If necessary (such as in the case of a wrongful death), your personal injury lawyer can help protect your family and provide for their future needs as well.

2. Your personal injury lawyer will only get paid when you get paid


Most people assume that hiring a personal injury lawyer will be really expensive. But the truth is, reputable personal injury attorneys typically work on a contingency basis.

This means that your attorney will only get paid when you get paid. If for any reason your case is not successful, your lawyer will not be compensated for their time.

The first step towards hiring a personal injury lawyer is to sign a document called a “retailer.” The retainer outlines how you and your attorney will work together, the responsibilities each of you have as your case progresses and how your attorney will be compensated in the event your case is successful.

You don’t have to give your attorney any money when you sign the retainer. Your lawyer will be paid out of your settlement in the manner specified in your retainer agreement.

3. Your personal injury lawyer knows exactly what to do first and next to get your case moving forward


Personal injury law can cost the responsible parties a lot of money. This means the system is not really set up in favor of the plaintiff (that is, you).

There are a lot of insurance companies, corporations, strategists and other lawyers that will try to throw up as much red tape as they can to stall your case or even get it dismissed

It can take years to build up a thorough understanding of how this system works, who the major players are, how to work with local law enforcement and the medical system and what to do first and next to expedite a personal injury case.

You are hiring your personal injury attorney for their expertise and dedication to learn how this system works and how to get things done for you within the system.

4. Your personal injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you really deserve

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It is not at all uncommon in a personal injury case to see the plaintiff receive an early settlement offer – sometimes before the case even goes to court!

Many plaintiffs who choose to represent themselves may jump at this early offer, not realizing it is likely a low-ball offer because the defendants know the case is worth far more.

But if you don’t have a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney on your case – a lawyer that has a proven track record of success – you may not realize the defendant is trying to get off cheap.

Your lawyer will be able to advise you on when to accept an offer of settlement and when to press forward to continue your case. This can make the difference between hundreds and millions in settlement offers in some cases.

5. Your personal injury lawyer will have the confidence to face the judge and jury and ask the right questions of witnesses on your behalf

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Most people don’t want to go to court even for jury duty or to pay parking tickets. Court can be a scary, intimidating place even for the professionals who work there every day!

You have already been injured. You are not feeling your best. You may have additional burdens with going to see doctors, going to physical therapy and figuring out how to move forward after your injury.

So the idea of having to go to court and defend yourself in front of a judge, a jury and a team of opposing lawyers can feel particularly overwhelming. But this is often what it takes to get the compensation you deserve for the losses, pain and suffering you have endured.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you don’t have to represent yourself in court. That is what your attorney is for.

Your lawyer will represent you and be available to take calls about your case, gather and prepare witnesses, build your case, negotiate with the other side’s lawyers, talk to the judge and jury and do all the things their education and expertise have prepared them to do to be sure justice gets served.

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