How to Hire Software Developers for a Startup?

Startup companies are created by passionate entrepreneurs who have a great idea and aim to see that idea bloom and prosper. There are certain features that characterize startups. Startups are new organizations with fresh ideas and work long hours with small teams. In the past few decades, many startups have made it big in their respective fields and captured huge markets.

They usually have a limited budget and have to frequently present their business models before funding agencies and high net worth individuals(HNIs) to generate funding for running their business. Thus, if these organizations have to prosper and make a mark in their field, they need dedicated, hard-working individuals driven by passion.

Software development is a crucial component of any company’s success. Software developers are the people who build websites and interactive applications that increase the reach of your business. Owners can hire software developers on their own, or they take the help of professional companies like WeAssemble that can help you with your company’s software development needs.

Why Is Software Development Crucial For A Startup’s Success?


Startups, unlike Multinational Corporations (MNCs), do not have a considerable budget or network to market their products and expand their customer base. Applications and websites are thus a potent tool in the hands of these organizations to reach a more significant number of customers.

Also, with the beginning of the digital age, a lot of business happens online over applications and websites; thus, having a website that engages customers is crucial. Most companies want to create a website or an application that is easy to navigate, which increases customer satisfaction which in turn increases customer retention. Nowadays, it is not enough to have web development skills. You must be very savvy in one specific niche, as any angularjs development agency is focused on that particular technology so they can dominate that field.

What Should You Do When You Want To Hire A Software Developer For Your Startup?

Pay Great Attention To Talent And Skill


When hiring any professional, the first thing to look out for is their skillset. Startup owners should hire an individual who is thorough with several programming languages like Scala, Java, Python, etc. A competent developer is one who knows beyond the basics and is quite an expert when it comes to programming languages.

A good programmer should be well aware of the open-source codes, and the individual should also know about the various platforms that exist for cloud computing like Azure and AWS.

If you want to be sure about the abilities of the recruit, then they will have to be tested before they are hired. For this, startups can organize a short technical test. In the test, you can ask future employees to develop simple programs or carry out simple debugging operations from already existing codes.

There are several companies that can help you design tests and interview questions at a nominal cost, for example you can try with

Look Out For A Person Who Is A Good Fit For Your Company


When you are hiring for a startup, recruiting a person who is a good fit for your organization’s culture is of paramount importance. Startups work with close-knit teams that have to put in a lot of effort to get noticed among the big players.

A person who is a good software developer but who does not get along well with the startup culture and their ways of working will not prove to be a valuable asset in the long run. Also, you should focus on the soft skills of the individual. Some essential qualities to look out for are good listening ability, an ability to adapt to challenging situations, etc.

Do Not Be Impatient While Hiring


Whenstartups recruit, they cannot look for significant degrees from prominent Universities. At times you may come across software developers who do not have any degree related to coding at all.

There are many self-taught individuals who just love to code. Also, in small organizations, budgets are typically a limiting factor, so you cannot promise fat pay cheques to your employees.

So you will have to look for talent, passion, and a keen desire to learn. Coding Hackathons and Coding Meets are excellent places to spot budding talent and search for passionate young individuals. Also, if you have a low budget, you can give an opportunity to fresh graduates who are just starting out with their careers.

You have to be patient to find a good developer who also can develop a good working relationship with the team. In fact, you have to keep putting advertisements on various online and offline platforms.

There might be any quality that is an absolute must to work in a company, and it can be anything right from the ability to speak English to be able to work long hours. Thus, being very specific about your requirements in the job description saves a lot of time.

Hire A Person Who Is Future-Ready


Today the world is changing at a breakneck pace, and changes in technology happen every single day. Thus a software developer has to be ready for rapid changes in technology. A competent software developer should be able to handle big data (large quantities of data), which is soon going to become the norm in the field of technology.

Running an application requires developers to work on different aspects of the application.

With increasing complexities, the developers can no longer be restricted to silos. Hence an excellent future-ready developer should be an individual who can handle all aspects of developing an application.


There are a few essential things that startup owners have to remember when they are hiring a new software developer. It is the duty of the Startup to convey its key goals and its work culture to its latest recruit.

Startups have to remember that in order to attract the best talent, they have to advertise their plus points to their recruits, and they have to convince them that working in their organization will boost their careers. If a new organization finds an excellent budding talent, it is a win-win situation for both, and both the employer and employee benefit in the long run.

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