7 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Fall Asleep – 2024

Falling asleep can sometimes be very frustrating. Whether you have excess amounts of energy or simply are too tired to fall asleep (yes that is a real thing), lots of people face this very uncomfortable issue.

But being sleep deprives can also be at the hands of insomnia and various other sleeping disorders. Truthfully speaking, there are lots of reasons why you couldn’t fall asleep at night.
But you’ve tried everything, including pills and mediations to help you fall asleep, and nothing helps. What are your options in this case?

Well, fear not, as we’ve pieced together easy hacks that will help you fall asleep quite easily. Don’t go anywhere as this might be the article that you’ve been looking for all this time. Furthermore, we’ll be talking about each hack to help you understand better.

1. Read a Book


Reading can really make us shut off from the world. And that is exactly what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep, then it’s because your mind is racing and thinking all the time. This is actually a pretty common thing in the world, and lots of people cannot get a good night’s rest because of it.

So, an easy hack is to simply grab a book and start reading. Not only will you put your mind to rest, but you’ll also increase your vocabulary and possibly learn a few things.

2. Set A Bedtime Routine


Lots of people have trouble falling asleep because they don’t have a formal bedtime routine. You might be doing this, but do know that you’re actually making things a lot worse.

There is nothing to it than waking up in the evening and falling asleep in the morning. Unless this is a job-related thing, you need to put an end to it ASAP. By having an improper bedtime routine, you’re messing with your body’s natural ability to fall asleep when it’s supposed to.

You could reap a lot of benefits from simply setting a formal bedtime routine, such as restoring your natural sleep clock, getting a good night’s rest, and waking up nice and fresh each morning.

3. Eat Healthily


Your diet can impact a lot of things in your life, and one of those things is the ability to fall asleep. However, we know that more people actually don’t eat healthily and that’s a big problem.
An unhealthy diet is directly related to sleeping disorders.

This is because unhealthy food takes lots of time to dissolve in our digestive tract, resulting in keeping you awake for longer hours.

Furthermore, you should completely avoid eating any kind of food after 10 pm. On the other hand, foods that have magnesium, potassium, and other essential minerals for our bodies, can surprisingly positively impact your ability to fall asleep.

4. Try ASMR

If you’re familiar with ASMR, then you either love it or absolutely hate it.

Regardless of which, ASMR can actually help you get some sleep. For those that don’t know what ASMR is, it’s important to not judge before you try it.

ASMR is when someone talks really close to a high-quality microphone, and usually with a very low voice. There is also a medical explanation, and ASMR is even described as a disorder. People that have it experience a tingling sensation in the back of their heads and their necks whenever exposed to specific sounds or images.

These sounds and images trigger an ASMR response, and this is mostly described as relaxing and softening. As it stands out, listening to ASMR videos will help you fall asleep easier by stimulating that sensation of relaxation and calmness.

5. Do Yoga


Doing yoga is yet another brilliant way to get some good night’s sleep. Whenever you feel restless or energized but you need to go to bed, exercising or doing yoga will help you put that restlessness to bed (no pun intended) and waste all that excess energy.

As a consequence, you’ll feel tired and want to go to bed as soon as possible.

6. Meditation


Meditation will not waste any of your excess energy, nor will it be at your restlessness. Meditation is considered an exercise, but one of mind, body, and soul through mentally training yourself.
Meditation is considered to be of great help for all types of psychological pain, barriers, and disorders. While it cannot cure an insane person of his insanity, it can certainly help you with your sleeping disorders.

It does t his by relaxing your body, mind, and soul by focusing yourself on keeping track of your breathing. While this isn’t all there is to meditation, it’s a great way to start this journey.
There are various teachings and techniques that you can learn and use, but it’s important to start somewhere.

7. Drink More Milk


You’ve probably heard your grandma say to drink milk whenever you can’t fall asleep. Is this true though?

Of course, it is. The reasoning behind it isn’t some old wives’ mumbo jumbo; there is actually science involved in it. Drinking warm milk has the potential to put you asleep. This is because of the psychological effect warm milk has on our consciousness.

Namely, warm milk reminds us of breastfeeding. You might not actually think about this when drinking warm milk, but your mind actually is reminded of this. We’ve all been breastfed and it is something engraved in humanity.

It reminds our minds of our childhoods before we could even walk. While very few of us remember these years, our minds have this information stored in some hole of our brain.

We might not remember our mothers breastfeeding us, but someone certainly does. So the science behind it stems solely from the fact that warm milk creates a simulation of childhood experiences.

So, if you ever feel as you cannot fall asleep, simply heat a glass of milk and you’ll be in bed in no time. While there are more easy ways to fall asleep than the ones we just mentioned, trying any of them will certainly help you go to bed easier.

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