How to look good in a hat this winter: 5 Tips for The Ladies

As we are now deep into the winter season, most of us are thinking about how to look our best, while at the same time making sure we are dressed warmly. Cold wind and low temperatures really affect the choice of clothing combinations, therefore, for practical reasons, hats are an absolute must-have this winter. They are worn by famous ladies, even on the red carpet, so it is not surprising that in various shapes and colors, they have become the most popular fashion accessories. 

Hats come in a variety of choices. They can be big, or small, with a large or small rim, and just one model is enough to add a touch of chic to your fashion combinations. There are really many shapes, so let your imagination run wild… from classic women’s designer hats, fedora hats, and wide-brimmed ones, to those that are less eye-catching. What you choose depends on what you want to achieve with your look. 

They can be worn with most ordinary t-shirts and jeans, and on cold winter days, they can be used to spice up modern coats. It is easy to conclude that it is the most elegant accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. In any case, you want to make sure you look good when wearing one, which is why we bring you a couple of tips.

1. Learn about the basic principles of combining

The principles of combining are very simple. Hats with a smaller brim should be worn with shorter coats and waisted jackets. Long coats, as well as interesting knitted jackets and sweaters, are best combined with wide-brimmed hats.

But when choosing, you should be guided by the main fashion rule, choose those that suit your style and the overall already-built look. A black hat with a small brim is a kind of classic that suits almost all women. It is a part of high fashion, but it has also survived as a part of the street looking for a long time.

2. To look your best, choose according to your head shape

Makeup artists mostly look up to big world stars who love to wear feminine hats with a wide brims. But they should be avoided if you have a small head and a narrow face. We can understand that most of you find certain style appealing, but if it doesn’t go with the shape of your face, then the whole look is ruined. 

3. Combine colors well

To choose the one you’ll use the most this winter it is smart to either go with the neutral color that can complement most of your wardrobe, or take into consideration colors in your closet.  If your styling consists of dark, black, or gray pieces, the hat should be in purple, green, red, or yellow. This way it can open the entire look.

4. The material is important

Add some color, and as far as the material is concerned, anything is allowed! Wool, satin, fur, velvet… and if you match the hat with the hairstyle, don’t worry, according to etiquette, women in closed spaces do not have to take off their headgear, unlike men.

5. Pick the one that makes you look taller


The hat should add to your height and not make you look “flattened” with it on your head. The height of the hat, the width of the brim, the roundness – it’s all in the game. You should not look like a hunter, or like a dedicated person, but the hat should organize your appearance and leave an impression. Try on a few models, and if you particularly like one that looked super cool on someone else, don’t be disappointed if you notice that it doesn’t make that impression on you at all. Rather choose the one that fits you very well, than the one that you like better on someone else’s head.

Hats have been a part of fashion forever, if you’re interested to learn more about the history of women’s hats, continue reading the article. 

The history of women wearing big hats

You may have noticed how this season, it’s all about large-brimmed hats. Did you know that the history of wearing a hat or similar objects on a woman’s head goes back to the Neolithic era 8000-4000 BC and the later found sculptures  2600 BC? The evidence that various models were worn and that it was very popular dates back to the Cretan era 1600 BC, as many female figures from that era had some form of a hat on their head.

In many religions around the world, it has been interpreted that a woman should cover and hide her hair while praying to God. Women started making big hats for this reason.

In recent history, humanism and the Renaissance in Italy at the beginning of the fifteenth century brought about and conceived modern capitalism, where the upper class separated from the middle class by beginning to distinguish themselves by wearing hats and clothing. The hat was the pinnacle of fashion and casualness that only high-society ladies could achieve.

In the nineties of the last century, especially in the 1920s, hat-wearing exploded and every lady on the streets of Rome, Paris, and London wore some kind of big hat. Today we see that the early years of the twentieth century and the middle of the twentieth century are highly revered. Fashion is coming back and big hats are an indispensable winter accessory.

All of this proves how important it is to choose an adequate hat to wear this season. Wide-brimmed hats are quite practical, since they can go with almost any hairstyle and can be combined to look casual, and professional depending on the occasion you wear them for. Therefore, if you haven’t picked one yet, it’s a about time you do.

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