A Guide to Italy’s Secret Spots 2024: Off the Beaten Path Travel Ideas

In a few months, it will be summer. The ideal time for travel. If you plan on visiting Italy any season will do. This European country has an amazing climate. But, if you want to see the sea and sand, summer should be your choice. You don’t have to be the wisest person out there to have Italy on your bucket list. It has so many landmarks that it is hard to count them. How about Rome? Venice? Verona or Naples? Sardinia and Sicily? You name it; Italy is a tourist jewel.

This year should be reserved for Italy. We are reaching halfway through 2024 and travel plans should already be written in stone. But, it’s not too late to change them. This is something you’ll probably do after we explore these secret spots of Italy. In this article we are going to talk about places that are not on everyone’s bucket list., but they should be. If enough people read this article we’re going to change the existing structure of Italy’s most popular destinations.

Are you ready to travel to Italy and explore its hidden gems? If that’s the case let us be your virtual guides. Later on, you should visit in person. The boot-shaped country is rich in history but also overflows in natural beauty. Its coastline is one of the world’s most beautiful ones. This is no wonder if you consider that almost the entire country is surrounded by seas. Let’s check out its shores, beaches, villages, and various other landmarks together.

Ascoli Piceno


Write this down. Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche. An amazing region, an amazing city. In Italy, it is well known. Outside of it? Not so much. It is not too far from the capital, Rome. Just head east. Once you’re there, it will be like time travel. The city center, the old town, is a Renaissance location. It is one of the most well-preserved, and beautiful sites in Italy and beyond.

The Antholz Valley


Let’s head north. This place is very north. But, we’re not saying it is a cold place. You will feel its warmth once you arrive. This part of Italy is very close to Austria and you’ll feel the foreign influence. It is an Alpine location. A true hidden gem. If you’re a fan of winter sports you will be thrilled with the Biathlon Center. The proximity of the Dolomites makes it a must-see spot. Hiking, biking, walking, running, and just sightseeing in nature are all must-do activities when in this region. Don’t skip this region of Italy.



From the far north, we’ll go down south. Italy should be seen from all directions. Once you decide that the South deserves your attention, the Puglia region needs to be seen. You’ll love its nickname – The White City because of the number of white houses that this place has. A truly mesmerizing sight when you’re looking at it from far away. While this location is not some unknown village it is not filled with tourists. It is only a matter of time as this one reveals it to a broad audience. It will be a well-deserved fame as the architecture and charm of this place leave no one emotionless.



Chances are you will be visiting Milan sooner or later. Everyone does. The city of fashion. A great city, with plenty of landmarks. Once you’re there, remember this article. When in Milan, do not forget Varese. This location is not far away from Milan and it also lies near the famous Lake Maggiore. What makes it so unique is the number of gardens this city has. It has been populated since the Middle Ages and it’s called Garden City. Some people even dare to compare it to Versailles. We can’t argue with them. Go, and see it for yourself.

Punta San Vigilio, Lake Garda


As you can see, northern Italy holds a special place in our hearts. One of the locations we recommend to everyone’s without a doubt Punta San Vigilio, Lake Garda. Why is it so amazing? Well, first of all, it is an amazing escape from popular big-city destinations such as Bergamo, Venice, and Milan. The majority of you may have heard of this place. But, its secret lies in the details. Once you’re in Punta San Vigilio, Lake Garda there are numerous tiny places you must check out. We’re talking about Limone del Garda and Malcesine. These towns are great places to find peace in tourist-crowded Italy. Just move a little bit away from its main attractions.



Brace yourself as this place is truly one of a kind. Not only in Italy but in the whole world. You’ll understand what we’re talking about when you pay it a visit for the first time. For one, you’ll believe that you’re up north. Why? Well, the city is carved in stone. It is something you would expect in the Dolomites but not in the South. It’s beautiful. When we’re talking about South Italy, this is it. It’s beautiful in one place. Walking through this place will make you feel like you’re reliving someone else’s past. There are no cars allowed in the old town and the city center. When you start walking its ancient streets you will understand why.



We said it a few times, we love all parts of Italy. Now, we are in Sardinia. Carloforte is a small town, but a vivid location. It has an ideal location as far as Sardinia is concerned. It’s close to Cagliari, and you can approach it from both the mainland and the sea. It will charm you from both directions. It is not unique only for its beauty, location, and architecture, but the language too. Here, people speak Tabarkine. You’ll love it regardless of cultural differences. Colorful streets, narrow alleys, churches, and museums that wait for you here will keep you occupied no matter how long you stay. It is a great location even if you’re visiting one of the places nearby. For a one-day excursion, it is ideal. You’ll want to stay longer on the positive side.

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