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Greg O’Gallagher Net Worth 2023 – A Canadian Fitness Expert

A Canadian wellness mentor, Greg O’Gallagher is a creator of a brand of fitness coaching, called Kinobody. He also runs his personal YouTube channel where he uploads workout and motivational videos. Let’s learn more about him.

Early Life

Greg O'Gallagher

On 22nd September 1986, in Toronto, Canada, Alanne and Michael O’Gallagher welcomed their son Gregory into this world. Gregory has four siblings. When he was 11 years old, his father died. He attended the University of Guelph in Canada for just one year. After dropping out of school, he started Kinobody.


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A lot of people have been commenting on my shoulders (especially after my last insta post). Once I started doing rest pause lateral raises that’s when my shoulders blew up. Pick a weight you can do for 15-20 reps. This set should be all out until muscular failure. Rest 10-15 seconds and perform 5-7 reps. Rest 10-15 seconds and perform another 5-7 reps. Do this for a total of 4 mini sets. By resting only 10-15 seconds you force your body to tap into all of your muscle fibres. This allows for greater muscle growth. Combine this type of training with some kino octane for crazy muscle pumps and even kino gains and you will see some pretty fast muscle growth to your shoulders even if they are stubborn

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In 2006 O’Gallagher created his channel on YouTube, but he didn’t upload his first video till 2009. He has collaborated with his guide Rusty Moore. Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0, Bodyweight Mastery Program and Goddess Toning Program are some of the programs his fitness company offers. His online store sells different fitness items. O’Gallagher is also interested in films, and so far he acted and has been an executive producer on two films. His YouTube channel has about 225 thousand subscribers.

Net Worth

Greg O’Gallagher’s net worth is estimated at up to $800 thousand. His earnings mostly come from his brand Kinobody and his YouTube channel. He is also a personal trainer and has helped many people to build their perfect bodies.

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