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Greg Laurie Net Worth 2024 – Pastor Singer With A Style

Greg is one of the most famous pastor singers in the USA and an author as well. He has made a fortune of his singing skills. He may be best known for his involvement in Harvest Christian Fellowship. When he got a chance to prove his pastor singing skills in California, he surely used it, and make a quite amount of money out of it.

Personal life

He was born on the 10th December 1952 in CA, the USA. There is an interesting fact about his other. Namely, his mother has had even seven unsuccessful marriages in her life. There is not much information regarding the personal lives of Greg’s parents. We should also mention that he had a very humble beginning.

First of all, he started to work as a delivery boy, which was his first job. We should also mention that Christianity has been a big part of his life even when he was very young. He was surrounded by religion and he loved it. He finished his high education at Newport Harbor High School. This was the time when Greg became interested and devoted to religion.

Love life

Greg met the love of his life in 1974 and her name is Catherine Laurie. They made an instant connection and even got married. Together, they got two boys, Jonathan and Christopher. However, they had to endure a great tragedy when their younger son, i.e. Christopher, died when he was only 33 in a car accident.


Greg has become interested in religion when he was in high school. So, when he turned nineteen, he decided to join the church and help somehow. His first task was reading the Bible to the congregation that numbered thirty people in total. This was just the beginning. He then joined Harvest Christian Fellowship. As time passed, this church decided to change its name and it became Harvest Kumulani.

The reason for this change of name was the merging of it with the church called Kumulani Chapel. Then, one interesting thing happened. Greg was the one who would be the next chaplain in Newport Beach Police Department. Apart from this, he was also involved in the National Day of Prayer Task Force as an honorary chairman.

Greg always loved to write, and he has always been engaged in writing which can be seen in more than 70 books that he has published. The most popular of these is certainly the one titled The Upside-Down Church.


His work and contribution to the community were immense and he thus received many awards. We need to mention that most of the awards are related to the Christian faith. One of the most popular awards that he got is the Gold Medallion Book Award. However, he also got The Judas Award, Graham Award, etc.

Net worth

Greg Laurie With Wife

There have been numerous ways in which Greg obtained and earned money. The fact that he came from a poor background, did not stop him and he has succeeded to make quite a fortune. Most of the money that he made came from his publishing works since he published more than 70 books.

We should also mention that his singing career also paid off and that it is also very lucrative. In total, he has succeeded to be 3.5 million USD net worth in 2024. So, he had humble beginnings, but now he is living the life of a rich man and the one of extravagancy.

He is 65 years old now, but this does not stop him to contribute in any way and to earn even more money. He still continues to be a very prominent pastor and to publish books on the things that matter. He also never gets tired and we should also mention that he continues to perform in his church.

Moreover, he also visits other churches where he performs or reads the Bible. So, he may be one of the wealthiest pastors in the world, for sure, but his relentless spirit and the will to continue singing and writing even at the age of 65 are remarkable. Even though he is at an older age, who knows what the future will bring.

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