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10 Tips for Getting Organized During a Move in 2024

Moving from one place to another usually is an emotional moment for people. Let’s say that you and your partner just got married and you want to start living alone. We are all emotionally connected to places where we are born. Stop living in your old home or apartment means that we are making some huge life changes. No one says that you can’t whenever you can, visit your parents, etc. However, the memories we made in our room is something we remember forever. Despite that, we got used to the neighborhood and it can be tough to adapt to another one.

Anyway, preparing for a big move usually isn’t easy. There are many things that people need to think about. When you add the emotional moment that we talked about, things seem quite complex. Fortunately, you came to the right place to hear some tips for getting organized during a move. You can’t start this activity without a proper plan. However, don’t count that things are always going to go in the right direction. You should get ready for any type of issue that could arise.

Enough talking; let’s see together how to organize a move properly.

Prepare on Time!

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This is the most common mistake that people make when moving out. There are many papers that we need to fulfill and sign before buying an apartment. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should wait for the last day to start organizing yourself. Doing things in a hurry usually leads to mistakes. Those mistakes are usually stressful and they can ruin our mood completely.

It is recommendable that you start packing stuff at least 2 weeks before you move out. This doesn’t mean you should pack everything and live together with boxes. However, at least start with packing things that you are not using every day. Despite that, you can also pack stuff that you surely won’t bring to your new home.

Organize Your Current House as Well

This is the second most common mistake that people make with no reason. Indeed, you are moving from the current place and you probably won’t come back. However, this doesn’t mean you should completely forget your current home. Certain things would make things easier.

For instance, you can put certain items under your kitchen sink into a bin. Despite that, use drawer inserts to place some of the bathroom products. These moves will speed up the entire process a lot.

Leave a good impression on the landlord (if you’re renting the place) and the neighborhood by cleaning your house before moving. Make sure to contact the waste collector early and set a schedule to pick up your garbage as a part of the preparation. Moving homeowners can contact City Waste Collection or any other reputable garbage company to take care of this last-minute task.

Start Packing Room by Room

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Let’s get back to your school days for a minute. It happened many times that we have a couple of tests in one week. Preparing all of them and getting the best grades is usually tough. Because of that, we start studying lessons one by one. For instance, you primarily study math, after that history, etc. Well, the plan that you used will be suitable for the current situation as well.

Not getting confused during a move should be the number one priority. Because of that, everything you do should be organized. Packing room by room would be the smartest choice you can make. In that way, you will equally dedicate attention to each detail in the room.

When packing things room by room, you also need to put labels to avoid mixing things. Colored labels allow you to quickly find the items you need when you arrive and start organizing things in your new home.

Put Everything on a Piece of Paper

Well, this could be a good thing as well. For everything in life that you are doing, you should have a “to-do” list. More precisely, you should make some sort of checklist where you will mark each task that you accomplish. In this way, you have a basis of what you need to do next, including the things you need to pack, throw out, sell, or donate to facilitate a faster and more convenient move.

Still, designing that sort of the list can be tough. Because of that, it would be good to create it together with someone. We sometimes forget about certain details that we need to complete. Because of that, we do not even put them on the list and we realize that they “exist” too late. Do not hesitate to spend a couple of days creating this sort of list. Divide the entire list with bullets, subheadings, and other things to make it clear.

Find Enough “Equipment”

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Well, certain tools might help you organize your move better. Most of the people do not prepare the boxes where they will place items. In most cases, it happens that they do not get enough of them.

Getting new boxes should not be a big problem. However, it will surely spend a certain amount of your time. If you start the process too late, every second count. Because of that, calculate how many boxes will be enough to place all the necessary things.

If you’re moving to a new smaller place, you might want to haul your large belongings to a nearby self-storage. You’ll need the right hauling equipment to do so, including a small truck to ensure the safety of your possessions. Hiring a professional to help you move your bulky items in a storage unit is also a good idea to save yourself from the stress and hassle of doing it yourself.

Look for Help Online

We are not even aware of the benefits that the online world can bring to our lives. People usually use it for chatting and taking selfies. It is hard to find those that use it for organizing move out.

There are three main categories that we need to worry about. Something that we didn’t mention so far is the money that you need to spend on a move. Well, it is something that you should calculate when making the plan. Despite that, there are some modern moving methods that people around the world use. Finally, sometimes we do not want to spend a lot of time on this process. Because of that, we hire a mover that will do everything instead of us. Logically, people that do not have a problem with money prefer to use this method.

There are certain websites such as where you can easily get answers to these questions. On that website, you can find tools for calculating price, finding current reviews, etc. We recommend you check the website and see which benefits you can get.

Think About New Home

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As we said, making plans and being organized is the number one priority. You will somehow get the items from your house and put them in the truck. Still, many people do not make “long-term” plans. Have you made a plan of how you will design your new home? People are usually only focused on transferring those items to another place.

They start arranging them after they complete that process.

Why would you wait for that moment to come? Make a plan of how everything will look in your new home before you even come there. Measure the things that you have and decide on certain designs in advance.

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