How to Generate More Leads and Referrals on LinkedIn

Finding freelance work on the web has become the new go-to way of doing so many different jobs. Modern technologies have allowed us so many tools and solutions to make many of our daily tasks and obligations easier and more straightforward and there is no going back. Freelancers are growing in number all the time, and considering the fact that we are all now spending more time at home than ever before, it makes sense that jobs that can be done remotely are the favorites for many individuals. Why leave your home for the office if you do not have to? Why be a part of a company and have a 9 to 5 job if you can make your own schedule and be self-employed through the comforts of the web?

1. The Right Platform


The most important thing a freelancer needs is a platform to find the right job opportunities. Without a service like this, it would be impossible for the workers to advertise their profiles, and for the employers to find the workforce for their projects. Freelancing platforms exist to bridge the gap between those looking for professional help, and those looking to rent it out. And one of the most popular, if not the most popular nowadays is LinkedIn. Everyone has heard of LinkedIn, maybe you already have an account there in order to network with the people in your field.

2. The Usefulness of LinkedIn

The service is the best professional social network around and anyone who is anyone has an account there. The great thing about it that freelancers and full-time workers use it. It has so many options to find colleagues, business partners, likeminded investors, and new job opportunities. In order to do that however, you have to know how to use LinkedIn. It is no longer enough to just open the account and make a CV there. Far from it actually. In order to raise awareness and make everyone more familiar with this amazing tool, in this article we talk about how you can generate more leads and referrals on LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about this. In the meantime, a great thing you should start using as soon as possible is a LinkedIn automation tool. These things simplify everything and work for you, and are perhaps the best weapon in your arsenal to tackle more leads and referrals. Make sure to check out OctopusCRM to learn more about this.

3. Add More Connections


Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn depends on you adding more people and growing the number of your connections. According to, getting your name out there and looking for others in your line of work is how you can increase leads and referrals. The section that gives you people you may know is a good way to start. Broadening your network through this will allow others to find you more easily. Everyone you see and especially talk to on this platform is another potential connection. A good thing to remember when adding people is to only actually connect with those you know or are acquainted with. The service has a way to tell that someone is adding just about anyone. This is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make on LinkedIn. Pretending you know people you do not will always backfire.

4. Build Your Own List of Leads

Spending a few minutes per day investigating potential connections and contacts is a good way to see who you could meet for further partnership. You can make notes regarding the ones you would like to be introduced to, and the recommendations are the best place to start. Those contacts are the ones the services deemed most likely to hit it off with. If you want speed and efficiency, you can ask for recommendations outside of the platform itself, via phone or email. This is also a good way to reconnect with them later and eventually get leads and referrals.

5. Post Regular Updates


There is nothing worse than just having a LinkedIn account that is inactive or barely active. Nobody will now whether someone owns it still. To attract more attention to yourself and to get recognized as a potential employee, you have to post updates regularly. A single minute is more than enough for this. Updating your network through the daily update section is an amazingly easy way to let others know that you are engaged, that you care, and that you have a lot to offer.

Sharing articles, videos, and relevant information for your field is all it takes. The pulse option on the dashboard can also be of great help with this. Updates are important because every time you post something it will be displayed on the feed of your every connection. The thing you post should not be trying hard to sell something. Instead, it should be educational and offer some value or expertise. The connections should be happy you shared it, they should somehow benefit from it.

6. Miscellaneous Features

As we already mentioned, the platform really has a lot to offer to the users. There are numerous ways to connect and show care and appreciation for others. Networking benefits from joining groups too, as you can share insights, exchange valuable information and views on certain things, and build a more close-knit group of close contacts.

Mere minutes out of your day are enough to find groups you will surely benefit from. Another great thing you can do it to use the platform to celebrate the accomplishments of other people. Whenever you come across a story or a post in which there are good news about an individual, share it as your status update. Tag the person and congratulate them by using the ‘@’ feature and they will eventually see your support. Once they see the notification, they will probably somehow thank you and everyone will see it. Again, it only takes a few minutes to do this but it is extremely effective in generating more referrals and leads on the platform.

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