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Flower Shop Upselling – How to Do It Effectively in 2023

If you have a flower shop and you want to increase profit and make the finances stable, upselling is an option. It can be tougher to get more new customers but once you get them, selling and upselling will be easier. In fact, it will not cost you an additional amount to invest. With your skills in selling, you can increase the profit up to 20% or 30%. The key is to improve your sales talk and sales conversation to lead your customers to buy more. In the collaboration with local florist expert Little Flower Hut we have come out with a simple but effective guide on how to upsell for additional profit:

  • Make Your Customers Happy

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The key to an effective upselling is to make your customers happy. Once they are satisfied with your products and services, it will be easier for you to upsell. If your customers are not happy with the service, product, or experience that you deliver, it will never be effective to upsell. Keep in mind that offering too much and forcing your customers too hard to buy more will cause confusion and eventually end up with no purchase at all because they are not happy. On the other hand, you can still apply some of the marketing strategies like sending emails and notifications to customers.

  • Identify What Your Customers Need

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Listen to what your customers are saying when it comes to the type of flowers or design of flower bouquet or arrangement. It is not ideal to randomly pitch any flower or product because it will only disappoint the customer. Learn to pick up clues from your customers by knowing the purpose of the purchase and what else he or she needs for the flower gift.

In connection with this, you may suggest additional products aside from the flower gifts for birthdays, anniversary, and other special occasions. Your customers will appreciate it if you bring the idea up, thus increase your profits.

According to the experts, it is easier and more effective to upsell anything to an existing customer than to a new one. This is because you already know what your customer wants based on the purchasing habit. You can tell by record or history what a customer will buy or for what purpose the flower gift is purchased. From there, you can recommend a box of chocolate as add-on to a dozen Roses or a basket of fresh fruits to go with a flower bouquet.

  • Allow Your Customer to Decide First

Before any upsell of additional flower gifts and products, allow your customers to finish the purchase first. Wait until purchase is over or, at least, after deciding which one to buy. This will prevent you from looking too pushy. Express your genuine concern when you upsell so that your customers will feel the thoughtfulness. According to the experts, customers may shy away easily once they felt that you are pushing too hard on add-ons.

Of course, it is but essential to make upsell on purpose. You should know when to recommend additional item and never just try to sell something, especially an item that you want to get rid of from last year’s inventory. Make sure that when you upsell something, whether it is a gift item or a service, it matches the flower gift or the customer’s needs for flowers.

  • Upsell Add-Ons at Affordable Price

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It is a general rule for the flower shops to keep upsell products at 25% of the total purchase or less. It will be easier for you or your florists to upsell an item or two with a tag of $1 or $2. In your aim to upsell other items and products, you may also choose to offer discounts and freebies in order to maximize your profit and satisfy your customers. In the end, it will be a win-win situation.

  • Train Your Employees to Upsell

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To make upsell an effective strategy to increase your profit, train your employees to do this sales technique. You can help them build their skills in selling by emphasizing that upselling is a way of helping customers get the most valuable flower gifts for the celebrant. Once your employees learned the skills and master the strategy, each and every customer purchase will end up with an upsell of one or two products.

When it comes to upselling strategies and tactics, there are lots of ways to train the employees. You can teach them to have an in-depth knowledge of the flowers, gift items, products, and services you offer. You can also teach them the most convenient way to build rapport with existing and new customers. In return, consider giving them incentives and rewards. They deserve the appreciation no matter how much it costs.

There are a number of advantages for florists and flower shops from upselling. It will not only keep you connected with your customers but will also allow you to help them find the best gift for their loved ones on special days. It makes the purchase even more valuable for the customers. Moreover, the upsell aims to satisfy the customer with add-ons or additional products for a great deal or a low price.

In increasing your profit through upselling, you don’t have to incur expenses or invest on expensive innovative technique. You and your staff can take advantage of this skill not only to sell more but most importantly to make your customers happy and satisfied. Whenever they are happy, you can expect more profit in the near future.

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