5 Tips for Finding the Latest Info About Online Bookmakers

According to the sports betting industry, there are over 1190 online sportsbooks that generate over $200 billion USD in annual revenue. What’s more, with an increase in the number of countries legalizing sports betting, that figure is expected to see continual growth year after year. While this is positive news for the sports betting industry, the problem for sports bettors is how to find the latest info about online bookers.

For starters, they can invest energy and time searching for information about bookmakers. This will produce results, but filtering that information and determining its validity is no small task. Although, if they check Nostrabet for latest info regarding bookmakers and football tips, it reduces the time invested as they continually post information and tips about online bookmakers.

However, without devaluing the contributions websites provides, there are some tips you can use for finding the latest info about online bookmakers. Namely, they include reading sportsbook reviews, reading the latest tips and predictions, researching odds, speaking with a representative from a sportsbook and previewing the latest bonuses and promotions.

With that in mind, we explain our 5 tips for finding the latest info about online bookmakers. By considering our tips, you will streamline the process and increase your ability to remain up-to-date on the latest happenings within the sports betting industry.

1. Sportsbook Reviews


Sportsbook reviews have always proven themselves to be a reliable resource for finding out the latest information about an online bookmaker. While some sportsbook reviews tend to be more summary-oriented, others are constantly updated with the latest info about promotions, payment methods, and new features.

While the task of reading reviews can be tiring, they have a direct impact on your ability to understand a bookie’s operational mindset. More importantly, when a sportsbook review is updated with new features, it allows you to understand them in detail, apply that knowledge and incorporate that into your betting strategies. Moreover, you may discover new information you previously overlooked, making sportsbook reviews a worthwhile investment of time.

2. Reading the Latest Tips and Predictions


By far, one of the best tips a sports bettor can use to find the latest info about online bookmakers is to read the latest tips and predictions. Any sport you punt on regularly requires you understand the latest statistics. Whether this relates to weather conditions, past team performances, a team’s overall health, or the performance of coaching staff, it’s all relevant.

The advantage of reading the latest tips is that much of that information is included. This helps to confirm your predictions, or it could negate your predictions, and that is why they add value and help increase your win percentage.

However, it is important to remember that when reading tips, you choose a website that has some authority. Like all things in life, experience matters and with expert analysis and advice, you can gain an advantage you may previously have overlooked.

3. Researching Odds and New Markets


One might not think researching odds and new markets would help in the pursuit of finding the latest info about online bookmakers, but you would be surprised. As we mentioned, there are over 1190 bookmakers offering betting services online. This is substantial as logic dictates some bookmakers are more successful than others. As often is the case, that success is closely correlated with a bookie’s odds and the addition of new markets.

Where researching odds and new markets pay off is you often come across bookmakers who have an increased availability of information. That information often will result in the discovery of new info, or at a minimum, info that confirms or denies your predicted outcome of a sporting event.

Either way, the more you know about odds, the better off you will be able to predict an outcome effectively. This is another example of the value sites bring to the table as they offer odds information and daily tips.

4. Contacting Customer Support


Surprisingly, contacting customer support delivers many advantages that bettors often overlook. It is also a tip few others consider in similar articles as most discredit the knowledge or value an experienced customer service representative can offer. Ultimately, they work day in, day out with sports management staff to stay abreast of a bookies operations.

While the majority of their tasks focus on the sportsbooks operational side, it also requires they convey information about sports betting to customers. This is just another reason why customer service is vital to a sportsbook business. It provides them with an outlet to effectively communicate with their customers but also provides the opportunity to expand on the role they provide to those customers.

5. Checking for New Bonuses and Promotions


Unlike researching odds, reading sportsbook reviews or reading the latest tips and predictions, checking for new bonuses and promotions can unveil valuable information. Namely, this applies to specific sporting events where select markets offer boosted odds or free bets, to name a few. With so many sporting events being held simultaneously, this is something easy to overlook. It can also result in new opportunities to apply the tips we have mentioned and turn that information into increased profits.

Remember, a bookmaker wants to retain its customers’ business, and the most effective way to do so is through bonuses and promotions. By staying abreast of the newest bonuses and promotions, you can research the event in advance and be better positioned to gather information you may have previously missed.


It is not uncommon in life to act in haste and overlook the knowledge we learned in our day to day lives. One may think this would not be the case with sports bettors, but we all fall trap to acting first and thinking later. Therefore, remember to use the tips we have highlighted above, and while they may not be overly analytical, they will pay dividends in the long run.

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