Wedding Planning Timeline for 2024

So you just got engaged and are starting to freak out a little one what needs to happen next. Admittedly there are a lot of things that need to occur from the time you get engaged up through the wedding date.

So we have created a timeline of what needs to happen as well as where to go to get everything you need to make the perfect wedding day. So even though you have a ton of things too do you have a year to get them done. So take a minute and a deep breath, it will be okay.

12 Month Before The Wedding – Book Your Venue

Believe it or not. Booking the venue is going to need to be your priority. Excellent venues fill up fast, and there are only so many weekends in a year. So to get the location, you want and the date you wish to get it, you will need to get it booked ASAP. A great place to start your venue hunt is at Wedding Wire as they have a directory of venues for every location across the country.

10 Month Before The Wedding – Engagement Photos


Getting your engagement photos taken early will help relieve a lot of stress as even after you get your photos taken, the average turn around time for a photographer to deliver your photos is around 30 days. Then any of the pictures you like might take another month or so to get framed. So start your photographer hunt early, and you won’t regret it.

8 Months Before The Wedding – Get Your Wedding Dress

If you get your dress eight months before the wedding, that gives you enough time to make any alternations you would like to ensure it is your dream dress. Also, that gives you a little more time to get into wedding shape. #weddinggoals.

6 Months Before The Wedding – Book The Most Amazing Honeymoon

Booking your honeymoon can be one of the most fun items on the whole list. It gives you something to look forward to, and if you book it early, it gives you some time to pay for it as you will start to realize the wedding expenses can add up quickly.

4 Months Before The Wedding – Confirm All Wedding Vendors


At four months, you will want to shoot each of your wedding vendors a quick email confirming the dates and times. This way, on the day of your wedding, you have nothing to worry about. So check with your venue, florist, baker, photographer, officiant, and caterer if your venue does not provide one.

2 Months Before The Wedding – Send Your Invitations

Order wedding invitations and get them sent out. If you are interested in wedding invitations visit advanced notice is plenty of time for your guest to prepare for your wedding. However, if you are doing a destination wedding, you will want to send your invitations no later than four months in advance. Also, another great time-saver is to create a free wedding website to give your guests additional wedding details as well as to capture their RSVP responses.

6 Weeks Before The Wedding – Marriage License

If you are getting married, you most likely want to make it official, so get down to your city offices and apply for a marriage license. This is an important step that isn’t hard but will need to happen, so add it to your phone or calendar for a reminder.

1 Month Before The Wedding – Bridal Shower


By this point, most of your work is done. So now it is time to celebrate and why not get some gifts. A bridal shower one month before the wedding is the perfect way to bond with your friends and family that will be at the wedding.

2 Weeks Before The Wedding – Check Your Playlist

Two weeks out from your big day, you will want to check with your DJ to make sure you have your favorite songs on lockdown. Also, if you have requested songs, your guests promise to dance to now is the time to give them to your DJ so they can make sure they have been added to the list of must-have songs.

1 Week Before The Wedding – Seating Chart

One week before the wedding, you will have a final headcount so you can put together a seating chart taking into account who doesn’t get along with whom and who will help get the conversation going.

Wedding Day – Show Up And Enjoy


If you have followed this little wedding timeline and done each of the items, you should be all set to show up to your wedding and enjoy the day. With your wedding day starting on the right foot, you are ready to start your new life and enjoy your happily ever after.

Now, if you are starting your wedding planning late or have decided to have a short engagement, that is not a problem. Just look over the list and then start at the top. The great thing is that most of the items on our planning list don’t have a hard set deadline when they have to be done. The only item on the list that will be pretty time-sensitive will be your wedding invitations. To make sure you have your closest friends and family, you will want to make sure you have the invitation your guests’ hands no later than 30 days on the minimum before your wedding.

So even though the list may seem long with a little help from your fiancé and family, you can get a lot of it knocked out and scheduled in a time frame that is as small at 90 days. The most important thing to remember is that, and the end of this planning journey will get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and start a wonderful life full of beautiful memories. So no matter what happens along the way, the result is always worth it.

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