Want to Earn Thousands of Likes on Instagram: Look How You Can Make It Possible

Everyone who at least once wondered how to become popular on Instagram, wants to know how to get more likes. It’s no secret that likes are the number that represents someone’s online authority and popularity.

So, how do you get more likes? You have a few options: you can buy Instagram likes, invest in growing your engagement to play along Insta algorithm rules, or use some most effective free tips to grow your audience and get even more likes for every post you create.

Best ways to get more Instagram likes in 2023


So, how do you get more likes for free? You can use these essential tips by adding them to your Instagram likes to purchase. We at Soc-Promotion take care of your account’s safety ‒ this is why we aim to provide you with high-quality likes only ‒ from real people and not from bots.

1. Use your hashtags

Hashtags allow more people to see and like your posts and stories. Some people also follow certain hashtags to see more relevant content in their feeds ‒ this is also a great opportunity to promote your brand. The more relvant content you post with appropriate hashtags, the more of your target audience you will reach.

2. Don’t be shy to tag others

Whether it’s a celebrity, popular brand, or other fellow profile with a lot of followers, you can tag these accounts when it’s relevant. For example, when you wear a dress from a certain brand, or share your excitement about something related to a certain celebrity. Note that these tags should be relevant, and accounts tagged should have at least a bit of an audience that might like your topic-related content.

3. Write compelling captions

It doesn’t matter if you use up all 2200 allowed characters in your post caption or stick to quirky one-liners ‒ the only thing that matters is how good your text is.

Captions matter! They create your unique tone of voice and create a special connection that brings your audience closer to you.

4. Tag your location

If you found a cool place, take a photo there and tag this location so other people who visit this place will find your profile. Just make sure that the coordinates on the map are exactly what it says on the title.

5. Level up to the Explore page

The most liked and viewed posts eventually end up on the Explore page ‒ for that, you need an active audience and a big engagement. You can create some eye-catching content like Reels, or buy likes. Or both ‒ just make sure your content is in mint condition.

6. Choose the time to post

Although Instagram declined to return to the good-old chronological feed, the algorithm prefers to show recent posts higher in the feed. So, in order to get your posts closer to your audience, you have to pick the best time to post. To determine that time, use some info from the Insights page.

7. Run a contest

Like-to-win contests can provide you with a massive surge of likes ‒ but make sure to organize everything smoothly and offer exclusive but not too outstanding prizes (if you’re a cosmetics brand, offering a big beauty box is better than offering an iPhone).

8. Choose the best pics


The title says it all. Don’t settle for mediocre ‒ choose the best photos for your profile to make it more attractive!

9. Interact with others

Visit your favorite influencer’s profile and comment on some posts. Start conversations, and ask questions ‒ this will give your account a huge boost of attention.

10. Try UGC

User-generated content is another great way to attract more people to your account. Encourage your existing followers to include your brand in their posts and stories to see a new wave of likes and followers!

11. Post BTS

Behind-the-scenes content brings you closer to the audience and shows that you’re not afraid to show your true side. Give your followers a glimpse at wonderful things in the making, and you’ll be rewarded with people being more loyal and overall active.

12. Ask questions

This engaging technique is as old as Instagram itself, but it’s still very effective ‒ a good-old call-to-action line at the end of your caption will motivate people to engage with your content.

13. Host a takeover

This is a great example of collaboration ‒ just make sure that the brand or influencer you’re partnering with shares a target audience with you.

14. Analyse but don’t steal

Check out your competitors ‒ maybe they use some techniques that you haven’t tried yet to get more likes. After figuring out what makes people like their posts, you might adopt a few tricks to your account.

15. Encourage to tag friends


If your account posts funny pictures, tells stories, or asks for opinions, you can encourage followers to tag their friends in your post comments ‒ this way, your posts will get even more attention and likes.

16. Try using memes

Sure, there’s a kind of humor for everyone and everything, but comic relief in the form of good-hearted and relevant memes won’t hurt. Post them to make people smile, like, and share your posts!


In conclusion, there are many ways to create content on Instagram to get likes, comments, and followers. Firstly, using the most popular hashtags related to your niche, creating an optimized and captivating bio, engaging with other users in the comments section of their posts, and becoming a content creator that genuinely shares helpful tips or stories relevant to your followers can be strategies that will help you build a strong presence on this platform.

Furthermore, using tools like scheduling platforms or influencer marketing services can be effective in terms of improving the number of interactions on your posts. Finally, it is important to remember that growing an audience takes time but with consistency and quality content you will become more successful in your mission of getting thousands of likes on Instagram.

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