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Does Anyone Cut Down Trees for Free in 2024

Trees are good for the environment. They offer a variety of benefits to us including good airflow, shade, and beautification of the area we are living in. However, a time reaches where trees become dangerous and they need to be removed or for other reasons.

Cutting of trees is not easy, it can be an expensive task. However, you can find someone to cut down trees for free. In this case, you have to understand how to do it.

Here are cases under which you can get trees cut for free.

  • In case the trees belong to a state, city or federal program. These are trees that are mostly part of a program by authorities to improve the look in an area among other reasons. They are mostly found on the streets. If you can find a good reason to have the trees cut down, then it will be done for free.
  • Use power or sewage companies. This is a case where trees are entangled in powerlines or are interfering with the sewage lines. In such cases, the responsible companies will have their contractors do the job for free.
  • Advertise free wood for anyone willing to cut down your trees. You can post the ads online or on billboards. Within no time, you will find someone willing to cut down the trees for free to get the free wood. A great resource for free tree removal is

Can I sell my palm tree?

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Tree removal is not easy as sometimes you have to pay for them to be removed. However, there is a type of tree that is different and that is a palm tree. If you are planning to have some removed, do not worry, you can get that done for free.

It is possible to sell palm trees. If you have the right type and they are accessible, it is easy to find a company willing to pay you for the tree. In that case, you will not only get the trees removed for free but also get paid for it.

Many companies are willing to buy palm trees. Ask around from tree owners or do an online search to find them.

Are there grants for tree removal?

Yes. It is possible to find grants for tree removal. Some states and governments have such programs. Consult your local government or forest department to find out more.

Will my insurance company pay for tree removal

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It is a very unlikely case for your insurance company to pay for your tree removal costs. However, there are circumstances under which your home insurance company may take care of the cost of removing trees.

In case the tree needs to be removed out of natural reasons. This is if the tree has been hit by a storm and needs to be removed or any other accident.

In cases where a tree has fallen out of other natural reasons, an insurance company may also be willing to cover the cost of removing it. So, if you are planning to remove a tree for your own reasons, do not expect your insurance company to cover any bills.

Even when there is a need to remove the trees out of natural disasters or causes, most companies are not willing to spend more than $500 per tree.

Can I DIY tree removal safely?

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Yes. It is possible. However, it is not recommended if you do not understand very well how to do it. Tree removal can be a dangerous operation and you have to make sure that you are safe when doing it. Make sure that you follow the right procedures to avoid accidents.

Access the situation to look for any broken branches and estimate the falling zone of the tree. Clear the area and ensure it won’t fall and damage anything.

Make sure that you have the right protective gear. Find the right tools for cutting. Learn the whole process of tree cutting since it varies with the type and size of the tree.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The cost of removing a tree is determined by several variables that come into play. However, irrespective of the calculator you use, factors in play such as tree condition, access and time, the price should range from $225 for small trees to $3,900 for large trees.

Different sizes of trees will attract different rates.

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  • For a small tree from a height of 5 to 15ft expect to pay between $200 and $500.
  • For a medium tree whose height is 15 to 25ft expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $900.
  • For a large tree with a height of between 30 and 60ft, you should expect to pay $900 to $2500
  • There are also extra-large trees with a height of over 120ft that will cost you between $2500 and $4500 which includes stump.

Do I need a permit for tree removal?

In some cities and for certain sizes of trees you may have to get a permit. For others, you do not need one. Since most governments have regulations surrounding tree trimming and removal, it is important to check on your area.

In an urban area, trees play an important role hence tree removing is regulated. Some other trees may cause damages in the process of removal and that is why some cities require you to seek a permit before the removal.

Are there any ways to save on tree removal?

Yes. There are ways through which you can save on tree removal and save more than 43%. Here are some of the steps you can take to save.

  • Ensure access to the tree. Location is one of the main causes of the high costs of tree removal. If your tree is easily accessible then it means the company will require less work to remove it. An easy to access tree does not have any structures that may hinder its removal.
  • The right season. Consider getting a company’s services when they have no jobs. They will be willing to charge low rates.

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