What’s The Difference Between Moissanite And Diamonds – 2024 Guide

People who are not familiar with diamonds and other precious stones will find it difficult to determine any differences with Moissanite. These two stones look nearly the same. However, Moissanite is a much cheaper option. Therefore, it is important to learn how to distinguish these types of jewelry since someone could scam you. There is a big difference in price as well.

Both options are very popular for engagement rings. Even though Moissanite is a much cheaper option, it has some features that can be more attractive than diamonds. If you want to learn more details about this gemstone, visit

Since many people mistake this stone for a diamond, it is crucial to learn more about its properties. The main issue is that even some basic tools for evaluating the gemstones could make the same mistake. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most important differences between them.

Main Features of Moissanite


As we already mentioned, there are many similarities with the more expensive gem. It is also colorless and shiny, but it is not made of carbon but from silicon carbide. Also, it is very rare in nature, but it still doesn’t make it expensive as diamonds because of the lower quality and resistance. If you don’t know much about gemstones and jewelry, it will be impossible for you to notice any difference.

There Are Many Differences

First of all, we have to mention the price. When it comes to standard rings, where the one with the most popular stone costs around $1,000, you can find a model with this alternative gem for under $300 in the same size and with a similar design. Besides the price factor, some people would rather choose the alternative due to some moral reasons. The diamonds are mined from the ground, which requires hard labor. On the other side, Moissanite is made in the lab.

When it comes to durability, even though it is not as resistant as the most popular option, it is still a much better option than many other gemstones. For instance, it has a 9.5 score on the scale where the diamond represents the maximum quality. Therefore, it can be a great investment, and you won’t need to worry about damaging it in any way.

1. Appearance


Only a professional can find the difference. Therefore, if you are not sure which one of these gems you are buying, you should always test it. When it comes to fire and brilliance, it is difficult to find any contrast. It is common that Moissanite can be shinier, but that is related to the type of cut a well. Modern jewelers tend to make demands with less fire because it can improve the elegant appearance.

However, traditional styles were focused on cuts that will increase the shine. Therefore, trying to determine the type by looking at these factors is not reliable. Also, we have to mention the clarity. It is common that there are some disproportions in the cut. Creating a perfect diamond is difficult and expensive. However, if you find it very important to have a proportional cut, but you have a limited budget, then Moissanite is the perfect option.

2. Color

It is common for lab-made stones to have near the same color and other properties as diamonds. On the other hand, natural stone has notes of brown and yellow, and it was common for jewelers to keep it that way before the increase in the popularity of diamonds. That lead to lab-made products with the main focus to become similar to a more expensive gem. Today, there is a wide range of variations, and you can choose from different levels of colorless.

3. Durability


We already mentioned the scale and how good Moissanite is at ranking among other gemstones. You could damage it only with diamond since there are no other more resistant materials. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about scratches or any other type of damage. There is a debate over which one of them is tougher. Some indicators are suggesting that it is even tougher than a diamond in some segments, like splitting. However, it is still much more resistant to pressure. Still, Moissanite is showing amazing performances as well, and it is more resistant than other types of stones.

4. Sustainability

It is important to know that many diamonds come from mines where people are working very hard to get to them, sometimes even kids are included. A lot of people are now concerned about the methods that big companies are using to collect these stones. If you care about the ethics and morality behind the process of mining, the best alternatives are Moissanite and other gems created in labs.

5. Quality


When we look at all of technical features and differences between these gems, the fact is that diamond has a higher quality. However, Moissanite offers excellent properties as well. The are many similarities between them. Also, even though it is much cheaper, it is still a big investment. Both options are perfect for jewelry, especially rings.


As you can see, most of the differences between them are very difficult to be spotted by people who are not familiar with jewelry. If you prefer the stone to be bright and shiny, this alternative can be an even better solution. It has excellent performances, high quality, great resistance. It is performing better than sapphire, which is second on the hardness scale.

Keep in mind that is much cheaper and that it will be challenging to find any difference. Always choose well-known and reliable stores when you want to buy jewelry so you can avoid scams. Most of these contrasts are not so important when you are looking to buy a ring. The main reason why diamonds are more popular is the status of this gemstone. Still, if you choose Moissanite, no one will know that the piece of jewelry you are wearing has a very similar alternative instead of real one.

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