Diego Maradona
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Diego Maradona Net Worth 2024 – The Iconic Football Player

It is known that he was one of the winners of the World Cup back in 1986 and was also featured on the poster for a commercial for Coca Cola, but what is his net worth?

Diego Maradona
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There is not a single doubt that Diego Maradona is one of the most iconic football players ever, he is admired across the world for his skills and talent.

His amazing win of the World Cup brought him great successes like getting to play for clubs like Barcelona, Napoli, Sevilla and Boca Juniors.

After his retirement from playing football back in 1990, he started working as a football coach and has worked for different clubs in his own country of Argentina but also Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

At this point in time, he is managing the team Dorados from Mexico and it is said that he is earning a good amount of money at this position.

It is believed he earns about $150,000 a month as the main coach which means that yearly he earns about $1.6 million in 11 months, which is how long his contract lasts.

Before this gig, he had a job at the 2018 World Cup that was held in Russia and his position was the FIFA ambassador.

Besides his current job he also earns money by being the face and endorsing certain products and brands. Some of the brands he works with are the very popular sportswear brand Puma (he has been working with them since his start in the 80s). He worked with the brand Mizuno during the 90s but went back to Puma shortly after. Other brands he has collaborated with are Coca Cola, Hublot and Konami.

Diego Maradona
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Even though he is 58 years old, he is keeping up with the modern trends, and he is no stranger to social media, he has a large following on both Facebook and Instagram. He has 8.9 million followers on his Facebook and 3.9 million on Instagram. Even though those numbers are impressive, it can’t really compare to the numbers that football players like Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi have (144 million and 100 million followers on Instagram). He is more comparable to Pele who has 3.7 million people following him.

He uses his online profiles to share photos of his team but also to pay tribute to all of the best players that used to play football but also to the ones that are still playing. The other things he shares are some of the photos from when he used to play and also his brand deals.

He may not be well known for doing charity work but he has done multiple football matches for charity. Back in 2010, he was able to gather $500,000 for a charity for children.

Despite his successful career and playing with some of the best teams out there his net worth doesn’t seem to be too high.

Diego Maradona
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Because of the big dispute about taxes with the Italian government and considering that he still needs to pay them $42 million his net worth comes up to only $100,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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