7 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry forms a significant part of the wedding trousseau. It adds glitz and glam to the bride’s aura while making her look elegant and sophisticated on a very special day. However, with so many pieces available on the market, choosing the best wedding jewelry that complements your outfit can feel overwhelming.

But don’t freak out as we’ve got your back. Here’s a comprehensive guide with important tips to remember when choosing bridal jewelry.

1. Match your jewelry to the style of your wedding gown


Pick the bridal jewelry that syncs well with your wedding dress. For example, if your wedding gown has a lace neckline, choose a necklace with delicate chains. To get creative, opt for the right contrast that can give you a delightfully beautiful appeal.

If your wedding is going to be outdoors, wear bright earrings to match the colors in your dress. You can stick with classic earrings and necklace combinations, or go for more daring looks like statement necklaces and hoops.

For example, if the fabric has shades of pink you should opt for rose gold as it matches the dress and will be pleasing to the eye. If the fabric is beige in colour, the ideal jewelry would be silver as it embellishes the overall look.

One more important point to keep in mind while you select your jewelry to match your wedding gown is to check the beading on the dress. Based on the beading you should select the metal that would dazzle everyone or the gemstone that will be the center of attraction.

2. Pair jewelry with your dress’ neckline


The neckline of your wedding dress is essential to consider when choosing the wedding neckpiece. Go for chokers or collar necklaces if your dress is strapless or skip the necklace if your gown has a high neckline.

A single pearl necklace looks amazing with V-neck wedding dresses, for more information about single pearl necklaces click here. You can also opt for a drop necklace, though going for a jewelry-free neck is the ideal option because the jewelry can steal the limelight, rather than your plunging neckline. Complete the overall look with a pair of chandelier or dangling earrings and steal the limelight on the go.

If you are wearing a strapless dress then your collarbone needs to be highlighted with a short necklace. You can even try a choker because it will cover your neck and highlight the bare areas of the shoulder and make you look stunning on one of the most important days of your life.

If you have opted for a sweetheart neckline, a medium necklace can accentuate the features properly. A necklace with a pendant or a drop necklace would be ideal. A sweetheart neckline shows that you are a romantic at heart and to look stunning you should accessorize with simple and elegant jewelry and not heavy ones.

If your dress has a high neckline, you should not accessorize with necklaces, rather you should accentuate the dress with stunning earrings. Adding a bracelet would also work. A high neckline means simple jewelry.

3. Avoid too many colors


Remember that it’s your wedding and not a fancy dress competition; hence try to avoid too many colors in bridal jewelry and create an elegant, harmonious look.

A maximum of one or two colors in jewelry is enough. Blend them well with your outfit and looks like an absolute head-turner. If you are looking for a subtle, sober approach, consider opting for pearls and add a royal touch to your ensemble.

The average size of a standard jewelry pearl is 7mm. However, the size of a recently found pearl at a Lobster House Restaurant in 2023 is 8.8mm.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix up your metals


It is believed that certain jewelry metals go with specific shades of dress, like yellow gold for ivory, platinum for pure white, and rose gold for blush. However, that’s not always the case. While some metal tones stand against each other, it’s recommended to trust your eyes to find what works best for you.

5. Choose the right size


Wedding jewelry should always act as an accent to your dress and not overpower it. Hence, pick the appropriate size that amps up your outfit without overshadowing your personality.

Go for subtle pieces, if your wedding dress is heavily embroidered. Also, never overdo your jewelry and avoid wearing too many pieces as it will spoil the entire look.

6. Keep comfort in mind


It’s going to be hours of festivities; hence, choose jewelry that’s comfortable. There’s no point to wear a bulky piece that can be heavy on your neck. Choose lighter ones and look elegant without feeling any discomfort. You can also choose jewelry that can be detached and reattached. When you feel uncomfortable, detach the heavier part of the jewelry and look and feel great.

7. Choose according to your hairstyle


Your hairstyle is very important on your wedding day. The type of hairstyle you choose should be one of the markers when you choose wedding jewelry. Your hair can mar the looks of your earrings, so select with care.

For instance, if you opt for up dos, you can select from a variety of earrings. Every earring will look good with an up do. You can opt for a drop earring or diamond stud, pearl earrings, whatever suits your hairstyle, neckline, and wedding dress.

Some people tend to include jewelry in their hair, it is a good option but it will not go with every type of earring or necklace, so consider this carefully. If you opt for hair jewelry make sure that they are soft on the eyes, if you want your hair jewelry to be the attraction, then make sure that the earrings and necklace are subtle, this will ensure a glamorous look.

Similarly, if you opt for a down-do, then you should be aware that your earrings may not be visible. Hence you can try pearl studs with your down-dos. If you feel you can carry off the long earrings or hoops, then you can opt for them.

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