Top Characteristics of a Great Dedicated Development Team!

A dedicated development team consists of software developers, engineers, project managers, DevOps support members, UX/UI designers, QA specialists, and more. All of these come together to work and meet the client’s requirements.

The right execution of your idea is as important as having the idea for your digital product itself. The right execution will be possible only if you have a great team. And this great team needs the perfect combination of the right people, goals, and environment. If you want your business to be successful then know how setting up a dedicated team for software development is the right thing to do. It is the job of a dedicated software development team to get things done and deliver the digital products as per the client’s requirements.

Although hiring a dedicated development company can be a challenging task, the majority of the dedicated development teams share certain similar characteristics. If you only pay attention to the factors that we have discussed in this blog then also you will be ready to collaborate with a great team of dedicated developers.

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Main Characteristics of a great dedicated development team

1. Professionalism


The first and foremost thing you need to develop software is coding so obviously, your development team must have amazing programming skills. The developers must be proficient in certain technologies related to the project. Moreover, a good team knows how important it is to innovate in a software product but they also have to be aware that they don’t spend unnecessary time after it. Your dedicated team must also keep them updated with all the trending technologies and they must understand how these trends could benefit their project.

2. Regular & Clear Communicators


Communication is crucial for any business to succeed and among the team, communication is the key. For the dedicated development team, there will be two types of crucial communications. First is the internal communication with the team members themselves and another is the communication with the stakeholders.

– With members of the team

To induce effective processes, tools, and solutions, it is necessary to encourage healthy communication in the dedicated teams. It’s best if a team gets together to work together but if it’s not possible, then also the team can work together from remote locations with the help of technology advancements and collaboration tools like Slack, Whereby, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and so on.

– With stakeholders

Communication is the key to successful business collaboration. It is effectively used to build relationships, set goals, review the processes, discuss new opportunities, choose the right tools, and more. The product owner is the main person that has to be in touch with the dedicated development team.

The person who has to be in constant contact with the client from the team is the team leader or the project manager. The communication must take place regularly depending upon the frequency of their needs. Moreover, the communication must be clear where the information is shared precisely with the other party, there are no secrets and the opinions must be shared freely. All of this is the foundation of a long-term business partnership.

3. Commitment to the Goal


Setting clear and achievable goals is very critical for any team. Before you start making long and short-term plans and assign them to the team, make sure that everyone in the team knows what they are working for. Knowing the goals is not enough, the team members must believe in them too. And as a business or product owner, it is your responsibility to inspire your team to work towards your goals. That’s how you build a software development team to rely on and an effective team that you are confident about.

4. Clear roles & responsibilities


If you want your team to function properly then they need to know all about the process, their duty, and their responsibilities. It is necessary to build a good custom software development team. Therefore every team member must understand their roles and responsibilities concerning the goals of the project.

We already talked about the commitment to the goals. You must also ensure that each team member gets their share of rewards in case of the success of their work.

Working in such a way gives the team a sense of responsibility and enjoyment for the work. This will make them feel a lot better about their work and they would work harder for the goals.

5. A cross-functional and balanced team


A cross-functional team is when a team comprises all necessary skills that are needed to build the digital product or for the completion of the project. A great team doesn’t only have this composition, but they act cross-functional too. Your dedicated team must be focused on delivering a launchable product in each sprint. That’s why everyone must do their best to achieve the goals of the sprint.

Here, balance is the key. When you have a big software development team, the specialists must have diverse experience levels. It would not only make their work more exciting but will also reduce the costs of the company. The specialists of the field have to work to avoid the slowing down of the development process because the lack of specialists in one technology can cause the delay for the rest of the team. In cross-functional teams, every member must understand how they can help other members and how they can get help from each other as well.

6. Understanding the business logic of the digital product


The developers must know their real customers aka the real users of the software product that they are building. Because they have to build these products keeping the needs of these users in mind. By communicating with the stakeholders or product owners can help the dedicated developers to understand the requirements of the end-users. This would help them make the right technical decisions and create successful custom software solutions.

7. Agile approach


Things always change during the project. What you need to do so that you can adapt to those as fast as you can is to work with an agile approach to software development.

It allows you to minimize the impact the changes have on the project and manage them responsibly. The agile development accelerates the speed of project delivery, improves the quality of the digital product, reduces risks, increases customer satisfaction, assures delivery with the business objective, and decreases IT costs. When you work with agile frameworks, the chances of your team’s success increase drastically.


Here in this blog, we discussed the characteristics of a dedicated software development team. I hope that it would help you in the process of hiring the team. There are many more factors to consider when it comes to choosing a suitable software development partner but in terms of confusion, make decisions based on the individual parameters your organization has held in your field of business.

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