Office Chair Back Support Cushion: Improve Your Lumbar Posture

From sitting at your desk all day to watching TV before bed, it’s important to take breaks and stretch regularly to avoid back pain. This is especially true if you spend hours sitting in front of a computer each day like most office workers. Today sitting for long periods has become the norm throughout society, with fewer people choosing to go out into their garden or work on DIY projects. There are many negative effects that prolonged sitting can have on your body; not only does it affect circulation but it also leads to bad posture, something that has been associated with increased risk of chronic illness. If you’re waking up every morning with back pain because you sat down too long, many devices prevent this. One of these is the office chair back support cushion; it’s comfortable and doesn’t take up much space so you can use it in any chair

Problems Associated with Uncomfortable Chairs


Anyone who works in an office knows how uncomfortable your average chairs are after 8 hours. The horseshoe-shaped seat digs into your thighs, making you shift around to get into a good position. If you do manage to find a pillow for an office desk chair that somewhat supports your lower back, chances are it won’t be very breathable or soft, meaning little relief for the parts which needed the most help in the first place. If you are looking to buy a support pillow online, click here.

Studies have found that sitting on hard surfaces leads to decreased blood flow, making you more likely to suffer from back pain. It is even more important for those who work on computers, as the position of the body can cause your hip flexor muscles to shorten, which often leads to lower back pain. This is because they are constantly in tension whenever you’re sitting upright; they act like rubber bands that pull against your spine and affect the alignment of your pelvis causing poor posture.

Why Do You Need an Office Chair Back Support Cushion?


If you want to avoid these problems, then invest in an office chair cushion like this one. Sitting on a hard surface deforms the pelvic bones, changes how weight is distributed through the hips and causes slouching which exacerbates existing problems with blood flow. The unique ergonomic design means it fits perfectly into any chair, no matter if it’s a swivel chair or standard office seat. There are ridges to prevent slouching but the cushion is soft enough not to cause pain.

The shape was designed by professionals after extensive research into how best to provide comfort and support wherever you need it most. It shapes itself around your back, filling in all of those hollows that form between bones after time, supporting you so you can sit up straight again instead of hunching over your desk. Unlike others, cushions allow for efficient use of space so no problems are fitting it onto chairs with arms; simply slide right on.

What Type of Chair Support Cushion Is Right For You?


Only five significant kinds of chair support cushions are available of all the different types. Each has its unique features and forms in which they come in, but all work to provide a greater degree of comfort during long office sessions.

Their primary purpose is to allow you to sit more comfortably without too much strain on your lower back while also maintaining proper sitting posture with no real effort required on your part (unlike other types of seat pads that need constant re-adjustment). Here are the five types:

1. Round Circle Shape

This cushion’s most common type provides good lumbar support due to its ergonomic shape created by its circle design. It can be utilized in virtually any upright seated task; however, it’s especially effective when used with a desk or office chair.

They can be found in various materials and densities, depending on the manufacturer and model. It’s important to note that most round/circular cushion types are designed with only one thickness, meaning they cannot be customized to meet your comfort levels.

2. Rectangular Shape

As opposed to round cushions, this type is built from a single block of material designed with both high and low (or variable) densities within it. The result is more significant support and customization for each user based on their needs and preferences.

Rectangular-shaped seat pads tend to provide better lumbar support than other designs; however, some people find them uncomfortable due to how narrow the base is (especially if you’re overweight) as it’s not as comprehensive as the design.

3. Semi-Circular Shape

One of the more unique designs for this type of chair back support cushion typically comprises one high and one low-density block within their shape; however, they also incorporate two smaller semi-circular/oval parts that extend from each side for added comfort and stability. This creates a greater degree of versatility than other types, mainly because users can customize the length and curvature of the extended portions to fit their personal preferences.

4. Wedge Shape & Lumbar Support Cushions

Wedges are typically built with two densities; however, the positioning of each is what makes them different from other types of seat cushions. They are either designed with the high-density part on top, which supports the upper back while sitting upright, or they are built with the high part situated under your butt, which offers lumbar-based support for those who tend to sit more “slumped” in their chairs.

These are great for people who have problems sitting up straight because they offer support wherever you need it most. The only downside is that not all of them provide headrests, which means you may need to use a separate cushion if you want one.

5. Cylinder Shape

This seat pad is typically made out of multiple blocks. Rather than being separated at regular intervals, each block is joined into a cylinder that provides more back support than other designs. While the increased level of lumbar support is excellent for those who have problems sitting upright, it doesn’t offer as much customization as a wedge-shaped cushion because you only have one density to choose from.

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