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Smart Apps that are Necessary for Consumers

The tech marketplace is crowded with literally thousands of applications for phones and computers. These high-tech little bits of code can do wondrous things, from telling you exactly what to eat at a given time to helping you adjust your sleep habits in order to live longer. Apps for health, …

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10 Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems in 2020

Heat recovery ventilation systems (otherwise known as HRV systems) provide a solution by bringing in fresh air into habitable areas without letting heat escape. Stale air contaminated with smells and humidity is removed, and the heat extracted. It’s an efficient, cost-effective system. Here are some of the benefits of a …

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How to Care for Your Scooter

There is nothing out of the ordinary about the fact that scooters have been on the streets for decades. This may be because they are one of the most economical means of transport. The fact that it is still prevalent on the roads shows what great concept scooters are for …

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Why The Airbag Might Not be Safe!

The aftermath of the TAKATA airbag incident: The United States will recall another 1.4 million cars The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that the United States will recall 1.4 million vehicles using TAKATA air-bags, as a result of new quality problems of the airbag produced by TAKATA, Japan. …

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Top 5 Robotics Events Coming up in the USA in 2020

As we are preparing for the upcoming decade, it is safe to say that we have improved, as a society, in every conceivable segment. And that applies to technology in particular. Thanks to the enhancements, we have managed to replace some run-of-the-mill jobs with robots and provide professions that require …

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