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Why Can’t a Bank Fund a Loan?

Banks are an interesting bunch.  In the old days you knew your banker and you could walk in and get a loan.  Those days are over.  Now loans are underwritten in an offsite location by a robot with little local input.  Either the loan fits in the pretty box or it doesn’t. …

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How to Maximise ROI on Property Investments

Property has always been boasted as a profitable investment, for good reason. Falling outside of traditional investments in stocks and bonds, property has proven to be both a resilient and profitable investment that many investment introducers such as FJP Investment choose to favor. In large this is because of the …

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Currency Trends in 2020 and What Affects Them

In the past, countries used the gold standard monetary system to determine the value of their currencies. However, this system was abandoned in the 1930s and replaced by fiat money. Since then, national currencies have freely fluctuated in value depending on the supply and demand of the financial markets and …

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