Morals as Part of Education System in 2020

Usually, students and their parents think that the teachers’ mission is just to help kids understand Math, Science, English, Literature, Art, and other curriculum subjects. That’s a common belief. As a result, children do not care about anything else but completing the assignment. They spend hours on tasks by themselves …

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6 British Inventions that Changed the World

The world that we know now did not appear overnight. Technology has been advancing for so many centuries and scientists and inventors from all over the world helped build the advances we have now. We cannot say which country made the biggest difference that changed the world, but one thing …

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6 Terrible Inventions From Famous Inventors

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci… These are only three famous inventors whose creations helped shape the world we know today. Inventors are often remembered for the masterpieces they made, however, there are some of their creations that were, well, less amazing than their previous ones. If you are …

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