Don’t make a typo! Here at Imagup, we’ve been noticing a new trend in logos which are becoming more pared-down, with many going back to black and white or even single color use. One big advocate of this fresh approach is Nissan which joins a long line of car manufacturers …

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How to Build Brand Recognition in 2020

If you want to market your product, service or company in your area, it is important to build brand recognition. Of course it’s important to deliver a good service or product, but sometimes the reason it’s hard to get new clients, is because your brand isn’t that well-known yet. Good …

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5 Ways a Virtual Team Can Better Your Business

In the modern world of business, it is harder than ever to make a name for yourself and get a piece of the market. Because of such rough competition, businesses decided to take advantage of new developments and advancements to better their operations. One of these new tactics to improve …

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