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Casey Neistat Net Worth 2024 – The YouTube Sensation

Casey Neistat is one of the biggest YouTube sensations on the Internet. He is also one of the longest-running ones, having started vlogging in 2001. His big breakthrough came in 2003 when he published a video called iPad’s Dirty Secret, which went viral.

Early Life

Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut on March 25, 1981, as Casey Owen Neistat. He never finished high school, dropping out in his junior year. He left his family to live on his own and had a son when he was just 17, with his girlfriend Robin Harris. They lived in a trailer park while Neistat worked as a dishwasher and a cook.


In 2001, Casey broke up with Robin and moved to New York. He and his brother started working with artist Tom Sachs, filming his sculptures and installations. In 2003 Casey made a three-minute film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret, complaining about Apple’s decision not to create a replacement battery program for iPod. The video was posted on September 20, going viral almost instantly and garnering huge attention. On November 14, Apple issued a statement announcing the battery replacement program and a few days later, an extended warranty program for iPad.

Next year, Neistat brothers produced a series of short videos depicting various scientific experiments, which was critically praised and prompted Netflix to offer to produce a TV show called The Neistat Brothers. Netflix bought eight episodes for almost $2 million. The show received mixed reviews.

Casey followed his success with more YouTube sensations. In 2010 he did a video about safety brakes on the train, explaining when and when not to use them. In the same year, he did a video about Chatroullete, explaining what it was and how to use it, and at the same time revealing how people there are far more likely to talk to women than to men.

Bike lane came out in 2011. After receiving a $50 fine for riding his bike outside of the bike lane, Casey demonstrated the appalling state of New York bike lanes and how sometimes it was impossible to use them. Time named “Bike Lanes” number 8 on their Top 10 Creative Videos of 2011 list.

In 2016, Neistat started making daily vlogs. By July 2018, he made 936 of them. He won GQ’s “New Media Star” Man of the Year Award for 2016.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat net worth mostly comes from his YouTube channel, which has 11 million subscribers, and TV deals. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated at $16 million, and it is sure to increase in the following years since he isn’t just another YouTube personality, but a genuine artist with a talent for video production.

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