3 Pros and Cons of Buying a Case for your iPhone

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? This is one of the most common questions you are able to hear or read on the Internet, because experts, psychologists, and other health professionals constantly emphasize the fact that spending too much time online is not the healthiest thing to do.

However, it has been proven, thanks to the recent surveys, that the average person spends somewhere between three and five hours a day on their phone. What does this mean in reality? It’s something everyone knows.

Smartphones have become one of the most important things in our lives, and that is for various reasons. At the same time, they are status symbols and they are beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing, while – more importantly, thanks to them, we can access one of the main channels of communication, which is communicating online, through numerous apps and platforms.

But that’s not all. We play games on our phones, learn new information, listen to music and podcasts, find our dates, do online banking, invest, even work online! That being said, being able to afford a great gadget like this, which is essential for many aspects of your life, is something many people are aware of, and this is the reason why people constantly update their phones, replacing them with new ones, better ones, to get the best user experience possible.

But what happens when you purchase a new phone? Are you one of those people who just put their phone in their pocket or are you willing to spend a bit more of your time and money to upgrade it?

According to, the best physical protection for your phone is a phone case and a safety glass for your screen. What’s the reason behind this? The answer is simple – they are a fantastic way to personalize your phone and protect it, at the same time. When it comes to the inside of your phone, or in other words – your phone’s software, some people claim that the best thing you can do is to install some of the apps that will work in your favor when it comes to security such as antivirus apps, VPN apps, etc.

Still, some people don’t want to buy phone cases since they claim there are reasons against it, such as the price of the cases, and the fact that they cover the design of their phones, which is outstandingly beautiful nowadays, even if there is a potential risk of breaking their phones unintentionally.

So what are the main advantages and disadvantages of having a phone case for your iPhone? Let’s dig into it.

The advantages

1. It’s obvious – protection!


The main purpose of phone cases and protective screen glass is, normally, protection. If you don’t want to get scratches on your phone, then you should get a phone case of your choice to prevent this. We could say that both protection and prevention from breaking are the reasons why you should get a phone case. Everyone had dropped their phones at least once in their lifetime, and in these situations, people usually regret not having their phones protected in the first place. Why would you be in this situation when you can simply purchase a cool case?

2. You can show your creativity


Phone cases are not only useful, but they are also a fantastic way to personalize your phone and make it stand out from all the others. If everything around you has the newest iPhone phone, this means that all of your phones would look completely the same if you were together in the same room. Sounds boring? It certainly does. This is why people love purchasing phone cases, and when they want to feel like they have a new phone, they simply change their case and they get the sense of owning a completely different phone, but it’s just the phone case!

3. You can preserve your phone’s value


Other than being able to save your phone for yourself, because you want it to be functional and beautiful (one of the most common things that happen when people drop their phones on the floor or is crashing their camera or their display which is both expensive to fix but also pretty unpleasant and inconvenient), getting a phone case for your phone means keeping it in the same condition as when you first bought it, which would become essential if you decide to resell your phone because you liked another one or if you want to buy a newer iPhone. Simply put, you save your phone’s value, which is something you should certainly consider.

The disadvantages

1. Prepare to do extra cleaning


The space between your phone and your case is the perfect place for dirt and other particles that can be stuck inside. This is a potential threat to your phone’s health if you don’t clean both your case and your phone more often than many people do. Luckily, all you have to do is take the phone case off of your phone and wipe both the phone and the case with alcohol, not forgetting about the small spaces, cameras, charger input, etc. However, this is something that some people don’t want to deal with, and spend their time on.

2. Bulky might be bad


Although you want to protect your phone, this usually means that you would completely change the way your phone looks. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it, or which type of phone case you choose. There are 3 or 4 types of cases, and some of them really make your phone look bulky. This is why some people prefer to skip getting a phone case because they wanna be able to fit their phone into their pocket, a small purse, or they just like the design of their phone to be just the way it is.

3. You might become less careful with your phone


Finally, having a phone case may make you become less careful with how you carry your phone, where you put it if you throw it around or not because you can easily get a sense that your phone is unbreakable if it has an extra layer of protection. Although this is somewhat true, and your iPhone would be more resistant to scratching and breaking, it still doesn’t mean you can be careless with it. Still, some people prefer having no phone case and being constantly aware of the fact that their phone is fragile and that they need to take care of it.

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