Can You Wear a Dive Watch Every Day?

While doing outfit combinations, the only thought you should be having is how are you presenting yourself in front of the world. Some people say that shoes are a great marker to learn a lot about a person. However, it is better to take the outfit as a whole and have a good watch on your hand.

Dive watches have a history as military accessories, helping the divers navigate and track their time underwater. That is why they are durable and resistant to water for more than a hundred meters, as well as having rotating bezels and large numbers making them easier to read.

Besides their functional features, they also provide great aesthetics. In this article, we’ll talk about whether you can wear dive watches every day and why should you consider them as your everyday carry. Keep reading and find out more.

They are highly versatile


Dress watches were the ones that initially came with clean designs so they can be easily paired with lots of clothing combinations. However, divers come with a clean design as well which makes them highly versatile timepieces.

Because of their consistent aesthetics, they can suit both a tux and regular sporty outfits which makes them a great everyday watch. Especially if we are talking about models that come with black dials, the elegance they provide is hard to be matched.

The public opinion that divers and suits should not be paired together is not completely true. There are diver models that surely look nice with a suit. Even though they are bulky and can be problematic to fit beneath the sleeve, they can still look good. Besides, there are thinner diver watches that can be a great compliment to every man’s accessory collection.

Lots of options

One of the reasons why divers become so popular is because of the variety of manufacturers and pricing options available. Coming from midrange to extremely expensive timepieces, you can surely find something that suits both your style and budget.

For the midrange budget, you should consider going through the Japanese options. However, there are now German or even Swiss options that you can find for the same budget. In addition, there are lots of brands that produce high-quality divers for affordable prices so every watch lover can enjoy having a proper timepiece on their wrists.

Besides price points, divers come with a variety of colors and designs for you to consider. While black is the most elegant option, if you are a fan of colorful timepieces, you can surely find something that suits you as well. In addition, various design patterns make the watch look amazing. If you are shopping for a similar timepiece, check this diving watch.

Great readability no matter the conditions


One of the best features that diver watches come with is great readability which is essential in the ocean depths. With that, they come with great readability above the water as well. Especially in situations when there is little or no lighting, you’ll have no problems telling the time.

You need a watch to last forever

For the price you’ll be paying for these iconic watches, durability is the essential feature they provide.

While most timepieces offer some type of resistance to water, these watches are initially made for divers. With that, you can be sure that water will never damage your watch, and that it lasts longer than other timepieces.

However, even though they come with a resistance of over a hundred meters of depth, you can expect them to drop down after years of wearing them. That is the reason why regular services and resistance check-ups are essential in keeping your watch in pristine condition.

To come up with such liquid resistance features, the diver watches are made sturdier as well. That is why these models can withstand lots of potential damage without breaking, and last longer than most timepiece options.

With such durability features, you can count on your diver that will always be around your wrist. That is something you’d expect from your everyday watch to use for a long time without problems.

Besides, purchasing such a robust timepiece will surely motivate you to become more active and adventurous that secondarily improves the quality of your life.

They get better as they get older


Some watches just look better as they age which is the case with the divers. There are examples of rusty dive models being worth more than the same model as the new. Normally, not every watch will increase its worth when it corrodes, but if the coloring is even, the chances are high.

In addition, the materials used in manufacturing the watch contribute to the better looks of the old divers. They develop darker shades which only enhances the looks of the vintage watch.

This is especially important if you are purchasing high-end models. Since you’ll be spending a fortune, you don’t want to lose your finances quickly. However, because of their increase in worth, you can expect your dive watch to be worth more after many years, if not the same.

In addition, premium watches are usually not made in series, so you can expect your watch to become a collector’s item in a while. That way, you will be stylish at the moment, and possess something truly worthy in the future, which is always beneficial.


With a watch that provides longevity and aesthetic features, you cannot go wrong. Not only you can wear your diver every day, but it is suitable for lots of combinations. The ability to match the watch with casual outfits like polo t-shirts and regular shirts, as well as suits makes it a highly versatile piece.

Although they tend to be luxurious, they are surely worth it. Their price does not drop over the years and can be considered collector’s items. However, with lots of brands and manufacturers, even people that do not have large budgets can experience the feel and style of a great dive watch.

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